New Aruba Bank Mastercard Debit with Maestro

Superior experience and benefits with our new debit card

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Receive payments from your eCommerce store to your Aruba Bank account.

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Commercial loans for your business.

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24/7 Banking

On your mobile, online, by phone or in person we offer banking that suits you

  • Right for your business if you want
  • Advantages
  • What You Need to Apply
  • Service and Assistance
  • Free Aruba Bank Mastercard Debit with Maestro  
  • Shop online with your Aruba Bank Mastercard Debit with Maestro
  • Worldwide acceptance of your card 
  • A secure place to deposit cash and checks from sales
  • To receive deposits and transfers from third parties
  • To receive deposits from your credit card and debit card sales
  • To manage your operating expenses
  • To manage your cash
  • To make payments to suppliers and other third parties, locally and internationally
  • Secure access to other Aruba Bank services, such as Aruba Bank Online and the Aruba Bank App.
  • Your maximum daily MAESTRO/ ATM withdrawal is AWG 10,000.-
  • Your maximum purchase limit on Point Of Sales terminals is AWG 10,000.-

Note: Upon written request we can increase your limit. Please contact your bank Account Manager for assistance.

A regular Current Account is required for all business products and services, as these will be linked to the basic Current Account.



Card Terms and Conditions

Read the Aruba Bank Mastercard Debit with Maestro Terms and Conditions 

  • Record of your business transactions
  • Track your revenue
  • Manage your different cost centers
  • Access Aruba Bank Online® any time
  • Use of Corporate ATM/Debit Card
  • Apply for our Business Credit Cards

We cater to both resident and non-resident commercial account holders - whether sole proprietorship, limited liability companies or other legal entities.

As a local financial institution, we are supervised by the Central Bank of Aruba and as such must comply with all legal and regulatory requirements. An important guideline is the “know your customer” principle. We always have to know who our clients are and who the beneficial owners are. This is why we will ask you to provide detailed information about your business, its management, and its board of directors, shareholders or ultimate beneficial parties.

In general, the following documentation must be submitted, depending on which is applicable in your specific case:

  • A valid ID of all signatories on the account and address verification (Censo or utility bill) 
  • A Power of Attorney form, completed and duly signed
  • An overview of group structure, including ultimate beneficial owner
  • Articles of Incorporation and all amendments hereto
  • An original recent extract of the registration with the Chamber of Commerce
  • A copy of the share register of all group or management companies
  • Board resolutions appointing management a/o proxies, if applicable
  • A business license (ministerial decree)
  • A director license (ministerial decree)
  • A declaration of Beneficial Owners - natural persons
  • Original bank references of all signatories on the account (if not yet a client of Aruba Bank)

Corporate Customer service 

Access your Operating Account 24/7 using Aruba Bank Online® or via the Aruba Bank App®. Make transfers and payments and check account balance any time.

Customer Services are happy to answer questions regarding your accounts, transactions or statements, just call:
During business hours (8:00am to 4:30pm AST):
Aruba Bank Call Center: (+297) 527-7700

For questions regarding the product features and account opening, please call:
Aruba Bank Corporate Customer Services: (+297) 527-7774

  • What is new about the card?

    Aruba Bank has re-introduced its debit card, previously known as the Maestro or ATM Card under a new name, Aruba Bank’s Mastercard Debit with Maestro, with a new look, and additional benefits.

  • What does this new card offer?
    • Online Payments: You can now use your card to make internet purchases using the Debit feature.
    • Worldwide acceptance: Your card now has global access to all Mastercard POS and ATM’s anywhere the logos for Mastercard, Maestro and Cirrus are displayed.
    • Contactless: Make your everyday purchases quickly and safely with just a tap where the Contactless symbol is available up to AWG 50 per transaction.

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