Starting your own business

We can provide you with all the banking products and services that you need in order to get your business going. Our Corporate Account Managers are at your service to exchange thoughts and assist with tips as to the preparatory work to be done when starting a business. They will inform you about the banking products and services most appropriate for your type of business and about the bank’s policy and procedures that apply. 


  • Operating Account
  • Online Banking
  • Customized Services


  • Be in control of your day to day operations using an Operating Account
  • Continuously monitor your business progress through our Online Banking
  • Enhance your business activities with our Customized Services


Become a Customer

Open an Operating Account for your business so you can easily receive and make payments.

More about operating account


Get Merchant Services

Sign up if you want to be able to accept credit and/or debit card payments from your customers.

Find out about merchant services.


Make an Appointment

If you want to know about the possibilities and advantages of additional services such as financing options, insurances or other.

Make an appointment with our corporate banking representatives

Jumpstart your business today!

The first account to open for your business is an Operating (Current) Account. This allows you to easily keep track of your operational cash flow – both your cash inflow from sales, collection of rental income or other business activities and your cash outflow to purchase merchandise or to pay operating expenses.   Your Operating Account should be the main account where all your business revenue is concentrated. This will help you:
  • Facilitate your accountant’s timely reconciliation and preparation of financial statements for bank financing, tax and/or audit purposes.
  • Reduce security risk, as you will have less cash on hand if you deposit your cash on a regular (at least daily) basis into your operating account.
  • Make international money transfers (SWIFT payments) to your suppliers and vendors abroad.
  • Make transfers to special purpose accounts such as payroll accounts, employee savings plans, construction projects, reserve for future capital investments etc.

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Financing options to help your business

Whatever you need a helping hand with, we've got a range of options to help you do better business.
  • Short term credit
  • Medium to Long term 
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Easy and secure way to receive payments

Offer your customers more pleasant shopping experience and optimize your sales potential by accepting all major Credit Cards as well as Debit Cards. Using our merchant POS services may help you:

  • Increase sales by accepting payment with cards.
  • Speed up check out
  • Receive payments inside, outside, or even on location 
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Useful Tips

Get our Aruba Bank App® and check your balance or make transfers on-the-go. 
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Do you have questions?

Call our Contact Center during office hours and extended hours at (+297)527 7777.
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