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The way customers pay, has evolved over the years. Debit and credit cards are increasingly more prevalent as a method of payment. And as a business owner, you want to provide your customers with a secure, fast and safe way to pay.


  • Increase Customer Satisfaction!
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Increased Sales
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Whether you have a new business or an established enterprise, card acceptance will likely have a big impact on your bottom line. With our Point Of Sale (POS) terminals you can accept all brands of both debit and credit cards, from most countries in the world. 

Increased Sales
Consumers spend more when they're not constrained by cash on hand. You may see increased purchases of higher-margin products as well as specialty items. And customers may visit your store more frequently.

Say Yes to Your Customers!
With our Point Of Sale (POS) terminal solution you can depend on equipment compliant with the latest industry mandates, 24/7 online credit card data and statements, and technical assistance with onsite visits. With help of our sophisticated software our POS terminals can even be linked to your own POS software on your computer. (i.e. Aloha, Opera, Fidelio, Timeshareware). Our POS terminals acquire all card brands: Maestro debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners and American Express credit cards.

Increase Customer Satisfaction!
Your customers will appreciate the flexibility to pay the way they want to pay. Happier customers are more loyal customers.

Automatic Currency Conversion
Electronic payments on MasterCard and Maestro-branded cards are settled in the currency in which you sell your goods and services (Aruban florins), regardless of where the cardholder is from. If you sell in US dollars and have a USD account, your credit card sales will be deposited into that account.

Enhanced Safety

With lower volumes of cash, you're less vulnerable to theft and pilfering.

Merchant Solution

Your customers will benefit from a faster checkout/payment at the register with rapid electronic payment at our terminals, eliminating the need to count change.

Receive payments inside, outside, or even on location!

We understand that each and every business is different.
That’s why we offer different models of POS terminals that match your needs.

Our VeriFone terminals comply with the latest industry mandates such as PCI PED standard, Triple DES, and allow two different forms of connectivity; via an Internet connection (IP) and telephone line (Dial).

Our latest addition to our family is the new VeriFone wireless 3G card terminal. By using secured wireless internet; customers can pay inside, outdoors, or even on location. This terminal can be fully customized to meet a merchant’s need, such as an optional car power adapter, and a recharging docking station.

Put Your Business First
Improve the efficiency of your business. Accepting paperless payments can save you time and money by minimizing cash handling and payment reconciliation, giving you more time to do more important things like managing and growing your business.
You do not have to stand in line to make deposits since our business account will automatically be credited the following business day for the previous day’s debit and credit card sales!

Tailored To Fit Your Sales!

  • Daily credit and debit card merchant statements
    For debit card (Maestro) transactions, you will receive a statement emailed to you on a daily basis with organized information allowing you to reconcile your prior day transactions. And each merchant store location receives its own daily statement.

  • E-Connections
    For credit card transactions, you can access your credit card transactions online. E-Connections allow you 24/7 visibility to your card sales. Furthermore, with E-Connections, on the first business day of each new month, you can download your monthly credit card statement that consolidates your credit card sales and expenses in conformity with your merchant contract in a transparent and organized manner.

  • Specified card deposits to your business account
    Instead of receiving a total amount representing both credit and debit card sales, we have divided your card sales deposits.

  • Flexible batch closing periods
    We can allow your sales to be uploaded (batch out) from your terminal beyond the current midnight deadline. This is especially advantageous for late-night establishments where a sales period may start from 6:00 PM to 3:00 AM. And as one of our merchants you benefit from the next business day settlement from your prior day’s debit and credit card sales.

    In short: there is no reason why a business owner in Aruba would not want to become an Aruba Bank Merchant!

Interested in finding the best card processing solution for your business, so your customers enjoy safe, secure and fast transactions?
Please call our Contact Center today at 527-7777 from 8.00 a.m. - 4.30 p.m. They will gladly assist you with finding the best card processing solution for your business! 


  • Monday - Friday: Contact our technical support service from 8:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. on the central mobile telephone number 699-1550
  • Saturday - Sunday from 9:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. Saturday - Sunday on the central mobile telephone number 699-1550.

Please have this information at hand: either your merchant ID number (7373000--------) or your terminal ID number (V--------). Your specific merchant or terminal ID number is noted on your laminated terminal quick reference guide.

Useful Tips

Get our Aruba Bank App® and check your balance or make transfers on-the-go. 
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