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We offer all banking services you need to make your banking experience complete, from deposits to transfers from collecting to processing from investing to trading.

Sentoo for Business

  • Settle local payments effortlessly linked to your Aruba Bank Account
  • Safe and secure payments
  • Maximize Sales, and more..
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e-Commerce Solution

Aruba Bank ecommerce solution 
  • Receive payments to your local account
  • You are open for business 24/7/365
  • Safe and secure payments. 
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Merchant Services

  • Offer your customers a more pleasant shopping experience, accept all major Credit Cards.
  • Review received payments
  • Be secure, have less cash in your establishment!
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Funds Transfer Services

  • Make international transfers
  • Transfer funds across your accounts
  • Pay bills and make bulk payroll payments
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Night Deposit Services


  • Self service and available 24/7
  • No need to keep cash stored at your business
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Direct Debit

  • Maximize your account receivables
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Bulk Payroll Processing

  • Our online banking services (ABO) are uniquely tailored for businesses
  • Process salary payments in bulk- ABO is efficient!
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Safety Deposit Boxes


  • Whatever you need to store, do it in the safest and most discrete place on Aruba
  • Our safety deposit boxes. For your convenience, we have boxes available in various sizes
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Deposit Services


  • Recurring services for armored truck money transfers to our bank facilities
  • Corporate Teller and night deposit facilities
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