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How to Protect Yourself from internet fraud

Aruba Bank Security Tips – Be careful when providing personal information

Please be careful when you receive unsolicited e-mails, referrals to websites or web pages which look like it comes from Aruba Bank (or a trusted organization) and asks you to provide your personal, financial or account information. There are many types of e-mail fraud; you may be asked to supply this information by replying to the email, fill out a separate form attached to the e-mail, or by visiting a phony website using a link in the e-mail message. The above are the most common types of online fraud and are called phishing and spoofing. Online criminals are using these tools to steal your personal, financial, or account information. At Aruba Bank keeping your financial and personal information secure and confidential is one of our most important responsibilities. We value the trust you have placed in us and will always work towards handling your information with care. Therefore we will never ask you to submit or verify any confidential personal information in response to an e-mail.

Please report 

If you receive any suspicious e-mail, referral to an unknown website, or a pop-up window that informs you that it is from Aruba Bank N.V. and/or ask for personal information, please report this to us immediately. Forward or e-mail the information to

Tips on how to protect yourself from internet fraud

• Install an anti-spyware, anti-virus, and a personal firewall on your computer
• Never provide personal information unless you have established the contact and have confirmed the business or person’s identity
• Do not respond to unfamiliar websites, web pages, or e-mails that request personal information
• Do not enter information in a “pop –up” ad window (small advertisements which “pops-up” in a separate browser window on your screen)
• Take good notice of the URL that appears when opening a link or an e-mail sent by Aruba Bank. The link will always start with the URL: and our page-link always appears on the left bottom of the page
• Shred documents containing sensitive information before you throw them away
• Do not give personal information via the telephone
• Report any suspicious attempt your experience by sending an e-mail to

We strongly recommend you follow/apply these simple tips to secure your information and reduce the risk of being a victim of online fraud.

Tips on how to protect yourself from Telephone Credit Card Scams

• Do not give strangers calling on the phone any personal information or account details (such as the 3-digit CVV2/CVC2, the 'Card Validation Code 2' that appears on your credit card's signature panel)
• If someone calls you to notify you of fraud with your credit card, insist on calling Aruba Bank back or call the VISA Emergency line directly
• Do not give personal or account information to anyone but an Aruba Bank employee at our Credit Card Department
• Immediately report suspicious calls to our Credit Card Department (+297 527 7830), send an e-mail to and contact the police
• Check the transactions on your credit card statements carefully to determine if there are any unauthorized charges or activities 

How to protect yourself while shopping on the Internet

• Do not reply to an unsolicited and otherwise suspicious e-mail or 'e-mail-spam' messages that pretend to come from legitimate sources, such as MasterCard or Visa
• Guard your personal information; never provide information that you feel uncomfortable giving
• Never give anyone the password for your Internet service provider or online bank account
• Keep records: print all information about your online transactions and keep it in a safe place
• Make sure that merchants that you are dealing with take proper security measures. (Look for an unbroken key or closed lock at the bottom of the browser window: this indicates a secure website; if you cannot determine this, do not send your payment information over the Internet)

Make sure you are doing business with a reputable Internet merchant by checking for this information:
•A clear, accessible privacy policy in an accessible place
•Detailed information about the offer, including the delivery date, terms of the warranty, and cancellation policies
•The company's physical address and phone number
•Information about how the merchant protects your financial information

Helping you keep your cards safe and secure!

SecureLOCK Equip mobile App, available on your Apple or Android device, is like a security guard for your Aruba Bank credit cards.  The App allows you to control your Aruba Bank credit cards from the convenience of your smartphone.
  • set spending limits
  • receive instant alerts
  • view transaction history
  • and more... 

Important instruction notes for Aruba Bank cardholders

• Zip/Postal Code: insert 5 times (0) for Visa and MasterCard

Primary Cardholder’s SSN (Social Security Number): insert 9 times zero (0) for MasterCard and 4 times zero (0) for Visa.

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