Aruba Bank App®

The Aruba Bank App® is specially designed for you, while you are on the go. Do your banking in less time and at your convenience. The Aruba Bank App® provides a safe and secure way to access and manage your Aruba Bank accounts while using your mobile device.

Download The Aruba Bank App® from the Google Play and iOS App stores. You must be enrolled in the new Aruba Bank Online® in order to be able to use the Aruba Bank App®.

Learn how to do banking with the Aruba Bank App®
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  • Secure
  • Access 24/7
  • Easy to manage

Everyday banking on the go

Do your day-to-day banking on the go, whenever and wherever you want with the Aruba Bank App®. Want to pay a person or company you haven't paid before? Just open the app to set up and make transfers. You can also check your balance and much more. Get started with the Aruba Bank App®.

Getting Started


Get Aruba Bank User Name

In order to use the Aruba Bank App®, you must have an Aruba Bank account and be registered for Aruba Bank Online®.

Don't have an Aruba Bank account? Just complete the “New Customer” application.

Are you an existing customer and don't have access to Aruba Bank Online? Apply here.


Get the App

Install the Aruba Bank App® from your mobile device’s app store. The Aruba Bank App® is available for iOS and Android platforms.
Get the App on Google Play

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Once you have downloaded the Aruba Bank App®, you must register your device. It’s easy to get registered and only takes a few minutes.
How to activate your Aruba Bank App

Request Login Tool - Activation Link
  • Aruba Bank App Features
  • Requirements

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    You can now do even more of your everyday banking on your mobile device:

    • Check your account balance and transfer history
    • Transfer between your own accounts
    • Transfer to other local and international accounts
    • Maintain your Address Book
    • Find up-to-date exchange rates
    • From the Cards View, you can submit a travel Notice to ensure your card(s) can be used overseas during your travels, and you can now also Block a Card
    • Generate secure codes using the Soft Token to log in to Aruba Bank Online® or approve a transfer request in Aruba Bank Online®
    • Easily load a Proof of Payment and share options
    • And more.
    • An Aruba Bank Account
    • Be enrolled for Aruba Bank Online® 
    • Have the Aruba Bank App® installed to your phone

Aruba Bank App Tutorials

Learn how to do banking with the Aruba Bank App®
View tutorials

Aruba Bank App

Want to learn more about the Aruba Bank App®?
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Useful Tips

Get our Aruba Bank App® and check your balance or make transfers on-the-go. 
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