Credit Card Fraud Protection Program

The Credit Card Fraud Protection Program protects an Aruba Bank cardholder against fraudulent actions for 24 hours before they report their credit card as lost or stolen. The Credit Card Fraud Protection Program covers all local and international transactions for a maximum amount of US$ 5,000 per calendar year.*

Apply for the Credit Card Fraud Protection Program when you apply for a credit card. If you don't have a credit card yet, you can now apply for a credit card.


  • Protects you against fraudulent actions
  • Covers all your transactions
  • Secure online shopping
  • Right for you if you want
  • How to claim Credit Card Fraud Protection
  • Cardholder Service and Assistance

Credit Card Fraud Protection Program

Credit Card fraud with lost or stolen credit cards is a global issue that also unfortunately affects our customers.  Aruba Bank is introducing the Aruba Bank Credit Card Fraud Protection Program as a means to further provide safety and security benefiting our customers.  The program will cover all local and international fraudulent credit card transactions due to a lost or stolen credit card for the first 24 hours prior to reporting the credit card as lost or stolen.

Credit Card Fraud Protection Program Terms and Conditions apply

The Credit Card Fraud Protection Program gives you the peace of mind to know that you and your co-cardholder(s) are protected.

How do I enroll in the Credit Card Fraud Protection Program?

Please send an email to requesting this service.  Kindly note down your credit card brand (Visa or MC) and type of card with the last 6 digits of your card number.  We will enroll you into the program which carries an annual fee of $24.  The Credit Card Fraud Protection Program will be automatically renewed and your credit card account accordingly charged each year afterwards. 

Does the Credit Card Fraud Protection Program cover my credit card account?

All personal (non-Corporate) Aruba Bank credit cardholders in good standing (applicant and co-applicants) are eligible for this service subject to the general credit card terms and conditions.

Click here to download the Credit Card Fraud Protection Program claim form and to report your Credit card lost or stolen.

Tips: Protect your card

Secure online shopping
Increase your security when shopping online with Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode. These free services provides an additional user ID and password and protects your card against unauthorized use online.
Visa cardholders: Sign up now! 
MasterCard cardholders: Sign up now!
Credit card issuing companies Terms and Conditions apply


  • Never give out your personal PIN number and store it separate from your credit card
  • Don’t lend your credit card to anyone and don’t leave it lying around
  • Keep an eye on your credit card, whenever it is in use
  • When you sign a receipt, draw a line through any blank spaces above the total amount
  • When buying online, look for the security symbol such as an unbroken key or padlock symbol
  • Regularly check the transactions on your statement and report any fraudulent or suspicious transactions immediately. 
  • Call during business hours the Aruba Bank Contact Center at (+297) 527-7777 or after business hours: (+1) 800 299-9842)

Aruba Bank Online and Aruba Bank Mobile

View up-to-the-minute transactions, receive e-mail alerts and access your account statement with Aruba Bank’s free 24/7 online service Aruba Bank Online, now also available on mobile devices.


My Credit Card Online

Enroll to My Credit Card Online and enjoy the convenience of 24/7 access to your credit card statement online. Stay on top of your payment due dates and set up email alerts. Read more about "My Credit Card Online" or enroll today!


Text Banking

Sign up for Text Banking and inquire or receive regular updates on your credit card balance while on-the-go simply using your mobile phone.


Contact us

For questions regarding the Credit Card Fraud Protection Program, feel free to call:

During business hours (8am to 4:00pm AST):
Aruba Bank Contact Center: (+297) 527-7777

Outside business hours:
Visa Assistance Center: 800-1518 (toll free number if calling from Aruba)
MasterCard Assistance Center: 800-1561 (toll free number if calling from Aruba)

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Call our Contact Center during office hours and extended hours at (+297)527 7777.

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