Cuenta ABC

Setting money aside for your children’s education is a noble ambition shared by all parents and guardians. Cuenta ABC is especially designed to help you save for your children’s future, which can make a big difference when they reach 18.


  • Available once child turns 18 years
  • Saving for your child's future, at an attractive interest rate
  • Why choose Cuenta ABC
  • Required Documents
  • Service and Assistance
  • Minors up to the age of 17 years can open an account jointly with parent (s) / custodian
  • Interest rate of 3.00% credited to your account at year‐end (1.00% interest rate applies for amounts larger than AWG 100,000)
  • Initial deposit of just AWG 100,‐
  • Monthly standing orders to deposit to the savings account make it easy to save
  • Maturity date: when your children reach the age of 18

Interest rates (applicable as of November 1, 2022)

  • 3.00 % p.a. for balances of AWG  0.00 to 99.999,‐
  • 1.00 % p.a. for balances of AWG  100.000,‐ and above

    Online Access

    Access your account statement and view the latest transactions with Aruba Bank’s free 24/7 Aruba Bank Online® and Aruba Bank App®

 A father and/or mother / legal guardian of a child can open the ABC account with the child.  

To bring to your appointment:

  • A valid ID of the parent(s) / legal guardian
  • Proof of residency (Censo letter or the latest WEB, Elmar or SETAR bill on your name)
  • Your children’s birth certificate or your “trouwboek”

* Please note that specific documents and conditions are applicable to open a non‐resident account. Call our Contact Center at 527 7777 for more information.

We offer service and assistance tailored to your needs.

  • You can access your accounts and make transfers any time using Aruba Bank Online® or our  Aruba Bank App®
  • Our service representatives are available to answer your questions at any of our branches or over the phone. You can also send us a query using WhatsApp or through our Facebook Page.

Useful Tips

Get our Aruba Bank App® and check your balance or make transfers on-the-go.

Do you have questions?

Call our Contact Center during office hours and extended hours at (+297)527 7777.

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