Mastercard Business Black

Your elite business companion
With your Mastercard Business Black card, you can start to enjoy a new level of service whether you’re at home or traveling abroad.

Premium services such Concierge, a 24/7 service that can support you wherever you are, access to a global network of over 600 VIP airport lounges and other unique experiences that will change you forever in a priceless way.


  • Mastercard Airport Experiences
  • MasterTravel™
  • MasterAssist™ 

Your new card has worldwide acceptance at over 43,3 million merchant locations, and it is powered with advanced chip technology that means you can shop and make payments with confidence whether you are close to home or thousands of miles away. 

Get your Mastercard Business Black credit card, by completing the online application form or visit one of our branches.

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Right for you if you want

Financial Flexibility
The Mastercard Business Black Credit Card offers you and your employees exceptional benefits, services, and insurances and a very attractive reward program that will make doing business more convenient, more efficient, and safer, around the clock and around the world. Aruba Bank’s Mastercard Business Black credit card enables you to improve your cash flow management by combining flexibility, safety, and convenience with credit that is available when you need it while streamlining your accounting. The Aruba Bank’s Mastercard Business Black credit card entails a flexible line of credit, where you set individual credit limits for each employee.

Worldwide acceptance and ATM withdrawals
Our credit cards are accepted worldwide and can be used to withdraw cash from more than a million ATMs across the globe.

Secure online shopping
Increase your security when shopping online with MasterCard SecureCode. The additional personal passwords protect your card against unauthorized use online.

New – Contactless “Tap & Go” Feature
- Your Contactless feature will automatically activate once you have used your card + PIN successfully for the first time 
- Contactless transactions up to $50 (or its equivalent in other currencies) require no PIN 

Attractive Reward Program!

With the Aruba Bank Rewards® Program, you automatically earn a Reward Point for every dollar spent with your Mastercard Business Black credit card. Bonus Points can be redeemed for airline tickets, car rental and hotel stays vacation packages, and much more. Points earned will be listed on your monthly statement or on the Aruba Bank Rewards® website.
Read more about Aruba Bank Rewards.

Mastercard Airport Experience
Mastercard Business Black card comes with the Mastercard Airport Experience by LoungeKey that provides admission to more than 600 lounges in major airports in over 100 countries.
Regardless of airline, frequent flyer program, or class of airline ticket, Aruba Bank Mastercard Business cardholders need to only show their Mastercard Business Black credit card to gain entry to the lounges; there is no need to sign up or book in advance or show a separate lounge membership card.



Be prepared for the unexpected with the benefits of Mastercard. Benefits of Mastercard Business Black include:

  • Mastercard Global Service TM
  • Provides emergency card-related assistance, anytime, anywhere, via one toll-free phone call.

Mastercard Airport Experiences
Provides admission to more than 600 lounges in major airports in over 100 countries.

Provides personal assistance, including recommendations and reservations for dining, travel, hotels, and entertainment.

Purchase Protection
Provides reimbursement for theft and/or accidental damage of purchased of the covered items. The covered purchase must be paid in full with the Mastercard Credit Account.
Up to US$100.- per occurrence. Up to US$200.- per 12 months.

ATM Robbery & Assault Protection
Provides a benefit in case of a death during an assault and/or replaces cash stolen during an Assault while using your Mastercard Credit card at an ATM. Included: Death coverage of US$10,000-. Stolen Cash coverage up to US$1,000.- (US $3,000.- annually).

Trip inconvenience
Provides coverage for delayed or cancelled trips before they commence with coverage in excess of common carrier’s liability coverage. Trip must be paid in full with the Mastercard Credit card. Included: Trip Cancellation up to US$3,000-. Trip Delay up to US$200.- (over 4 hours).
Pays for damages to a rental vehicle due to collision, theft, vandalism, or accidental re when the cardholder initiates and pays for the entire rental transaction with the eligible Mastercard card and declines CDW/LDW from rental company. Included: US $75,000.- coverage (Worldwide) 60 consecutive days.

Extended Warranty
Provides extended coverage on the terms of the original manufacturer’s warranty on covered purchase up to 1 full year after both the original or store brand warranty plus the optional warranty coverage period ends, not to exceed 3 years. The covered purchase must be paid in full the MC credit account. Up to USD$200 per occurrence. Up to US$ 400.- per 12 months.

Provides coverage against accidental death, dismemberment, or paralysis when traveling by a common carrier if the tickets are purchased with the eligible Mastercard card. 24-hour accidental death “Insured Journey” may also be provided.
Included: US$1,000,000.- coverage for travel accident and US$6,000.- Insured Journey. Coverage for up to 60 consecutive days.

Travel Assistance Services
Provides pre-trip destination information, emergency medical and legal referrals, tracing of lost luggage, and more.

MasterAssist™ Black/World Elite
Reimburses medical expenses, hotel convalescence, emergency family travel costs, and more. Trip must be paid in full with the Mastercard Credit card. Medical expenses apply only internationally.
Included: Up to 60 consecutive days Worldwide. Medical expenses up to US $150,000.-, other benefits available at different limits.

Luggage Protection
Reimburses Insured persons when luggage they check in for travel on a common carrier is delayed or lost in transit. This coverage is in excess of common carrier’s liability coverage. Assistance to locate lost luggage is also available. Trip must be paid in full with the Mastercard Credit card. Included: Lost Luggage up to US $3,000.-. Delayed Luggage up to US $600.- (over 4 hours).

Protects companies from employees’ misuse of payment cards. Included: US $15,000 coverage.

Aruba Bank credit cards are available to Aruba Bank customers with a checking or salary account. As part of your credit card application, we will ask you to supply us with the following:

  • Copy of KVK extract
  • Valid ID of cardholder(s)

Depending on the credit card limit, additional documents and securities may be requested.

Aruba Bank Online
View up-to-the-minute transactions, receive e-mail alerts and access your account statement with Aruba Bank’s free 24/7 online service Aruba Bank Online, now also available on mobile devices.

My Credit Card Online
Enroll to My Credit Card Online and enjoy the convenience of 24/7 access to your credit card statement online. Stay on top of your payment due dates and set up email alerts. Read more about My Credit Card Online or enroll today!

Text Banking
Sign up for Text Banking and inquire or receive regular updates on your credit card balance while on-the-go simply using your mobile phone.

Contact Us
For questions regarding your credit card, statement or to speak with a customer service representative, feel free to call:

During business hours (8am to 4:00pm AST):
Aruba Bank Contact Center: (+297) 527-7777

Outside business hours:
Mastercard Assistance Center: 800-1561 (toll free number if calling from Aruba)

Useful Tips

Get our Aruba Bank App® and check your balance or make transfers on-the-go. 
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Call our Contact Center during office hours and extended hours at (+297)527 7777
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