Platinum Credit

The Platinum Credit is a revolving line of Credit, where you can request to withdraw money from this special loan account whenever you desire. The balance of the loan cannot exceed the original loan amount.


  • Quick disbursements
  • Flexible withdrawals
  • Easy accessibility
  • Why Choose
  • Requirements
  • Service and assistance

Every now and then you need some cash in addition to your current earnings, to cover unexpected expenses varying from a temporary set-back to an unplanned vacation.

You therefore need a credit facility that is accessible upon your request and which offers quick disbursements, without much paperwork. That is exactly how Platinum Banking will help you: Platinum Credit, the best credit facility available on the market!

Apply today for this outstanding credit facility. Once your Platinum Credit application is approved, you can have access to the facility at your convenience.

The repayment amount will be based on the amount utilized.



Documents required to open an account and to apply for a Non-Resident Mortgage loan:

1. Pay slips of the last two months
  • Or a work contract with proof of income over a period of 12 months
  • Or an income declaration from an internationally recognized accounting firm
  • If you are self- employed and your income is derived from your business, please provide financial statements or tax returns of your business
 2. Two original signed recommendation/introduction letters per person from the applicant’s financial institution (bank, stock brokerage firm, etc) addressed to Aruba Bank N.V.
** (please see reference letter requirements)  


3. Photocopy of the applicant’s:
  • A valid Passport and a valid Drivers License
4. An employer’s letter, stating the following:
  • Your job title
  • Your yearly or monthly salary/income
  • Date of employment

5. An utility bill indicating your residential address, or a Census registration (‘bevolkingsregister’) indicating your residential address

6. Please provide proof of ownership of the property by means of a notary letter or a deed in which the bank can verify that you are the owner of the property

7. Purchase and/or sales agreement of the property

8. An appraisal report from a recognized appraiser in Aruba (not older than 6 months after it has been created)

* Note: points 1 to 6 are required to open an account and 1 to 8 are required to apply for a Non-Resident Mortgage loan 


In case you are constructing a property the following is additionally required:

  1. A copy of the building permit approved by DOW addressed to your name (blue card)
  2.  A copy of the contractors’ quotation with details of the construction
  3.  A copy of the registration of the contractor at the Chamber of Commerce in case the contractor is not known to the bank
  4.  An appraisal report:
  • From a recognized appraiser in Aruba
  • Indicating the value of the land and the property to be constructed thereon
  • Not older than 6 months
Surround yourself with the luxurious convenience of jet set-style banking. Aruba Bank’s Platinum Banking is an exclusive experience that will surpass all your expectations. It’s a unique package of flexible high-end products and lavish VIP treatment. This includes your own designated skilled personal account manager, who will be at your disposal to help you with all your banking needs in the comfortable surroundings of a private office, and even at your own office. Prepare to be pampered!

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