Use your ArubaCard when shopping locally and abroad and get 1% cash back on your purchases. ArubaCard is Aruba's only truly local florin credit card. It is protected with PIN, and it’s developed for your convenience and to help you save money. Which other local card allows you to save money, while earning cash back on every purchase? ArubaCard is the essential card for everyone on Aruba!

To get your Aruba Bank ArubaCard, simply complete the online application or visit one of our branches.


  • Earn cash back on purchases
  • For all purchases
  • Save money
  • ArubaCard Benefits
  • Required Documents
  • Cardholder Service and Assistance

ArubaCard cardholders enjoy the following benefits:

  • Earn cash back at any merchants that accept Maestro in Aruba or worldwide 
  • Make payments in florins, eliminating currency exchange charges and taxes
  • Offers great credit limits (starting at AWG 2.500.- and up) 
  • Debt Balance Protection Program
  • Online access through Aruba Bank Online® and A®ruba Bank App for balance inquiry and payment options via internal transfer
  • Use Aruba Bank Online® or Text Banking to keep track on how much cash back you are earning. 
  • Your maximum daily MAESTRO/ ATM withdrawal limit is AWG 2,500.- at any ATM
  • Your maximum MAESTRO purchase limit on Point Of Sales (POS) terminals is AWG 2,500.-

* Note: Upon written request we can increase your limit. Please contact your bank Account Manager for assistance.

Earn 1% cash back on every florin you spend on purchases at any Aruba Bank or Maestro Point Of Sale (POS) merchant worldwide (cash advances and ATM  transactions excluded).


No minimum purchase amount is necessary to qualify for cash back

  • For every florin you spend on purchases you will receive 1% cash back on up to 100,000 points 
  • Receive cash back up to a maximum of AWG 1,000.- per year
  • Annual cash back reward is credited each January.
  • Make ArubaCard your preferred local currency credit card for everyday purchases and maximize your annual cash back reward.

The ArubaCard is available to customers with a checking or salary account. As part of the application process we will ask you for the following documents:

  • A valid ID
  • Two salary slip copies if paid monthly or four if paid bi-weekly
  • A reference letter from your employer

* Please note that specific documents and conditions are applicable to open a non-resident account. Call our Contact Center at 527 7777 for more information.

Aruba Bank Online® and Aruba Bank App®

View up-to-the-minute transactions, receive e-mail alerts and access your account statement with Aruba Bank’s free 24/7 online service Aruba Bank Online® and our ®Aruba Bank App. 


Text Banking

Sign up for Text Banking and get regular updates on your ArubaCard balance while on-the-go simply by using your mobile phone. With Text Banking you can also keep track on how much cash back you are earning. 


Contact us

For questions regarding your credit card, statement or to speak with a customer service representative, feel free to call:

During business hours (8am to 4:00pm AST):
Aruba Bank Contact Center: (+297) 527-7777
Send us a message via WhatsApp on number is (+297) 592 7777 (available from Monday to Friday, from 8:00am to 4:00pm).


Service/information that we will provide through WhatsApp are:

  • Request of an appointment with one of our Customer Service Representatives at your preferred branch
  • Instant information about our campaigns and promotions 
  • Is your ArubaCard lost or stolen? Find out how to report a lost or stolen card

Useful Tips

Sign up for Text Banking and inquire or receive regular updates on your current balance while on the go by simply using your mobile phone

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