Platinum Current Account

Platinum is the top-of-the-line in current accounts. This interest-bearing account offers a wide variety of exclusive benefits, carefully designed to help you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.

You can apply for an Aruba Bank Platinum Current Account by making an appointment. For inquiries, please use our Contact Us form. From the drop-down options, select Platinum Banking.  


  • Earn cash back
  • Earn interest on your balance
  • First Class Banking
  • Benefits of Platinum Current Account
  • Cash Back Rewards Program
  • Required Documents
  • Service and Assistance
  • Accessible 24/7
  • Earn interest on your balance over AWG 10,000.-
  • Free Aruba Bank Mastercard Debit with Maestro 
  • Cashback reward on purchasing through Aruba Bank Mastercard Debit with Maestro
  • Shop online with your Aruba Bank Mastercard Debit with Maestro
  • Worldwide acceptance of your card
  • Make fast contactless payments (where available) up to AWG 50 per transaction
  • Standing orders are free of charge
  • Aruba Bank Online – access your account anytime 
  • Aruba Bank App – gives you access anywhere
  • A minimum initial deposit of AWG 500.-
  • Low monthly charge
  • Your maximum daily ATM withdrawal limit is AWG 5,000.-
  • Your maximum MAESTRO purchase limit on Point Of Sale (POS) terminals is AWG 5,000.-

Note: Upon written request, we can increase your limit. Please contact your Platinum Account Manager for assistance.


Card Terms and Conditions

Read the Aruba Bank Mastercard Debit with Maestro Terms and Conditions 

Shopping with your Platinum Maestro Chip Card is a joy in itself, especially when you realize that its unsurpassed reward system will let you receive money back.

  • Accumulate points for local purchases made at any POS (Point of Sale) terminal
  • Earn 1 point per guilder for purchases made at Aruba Bank merchants
  • Earn 0.25 point per guilder at other merchants
  • Receive your cash back bonus every January
  •  Earn interest on your balance over AWG 10,000.-

Earn cash and interests

Earn cash while making your purchases and at same time you will be rewarded when you have over AWG 10,000.- on your account. The platinum current account is perfectly designed to provide you with benefits both when you are purchasing and having excess cash on the account.

Bring these documents to your appointment:

  • A copy of a valid ID
  • Two copies of your salary slip if paid monthly or four copies if paid bi-weekly
  • Reference letter from employer
  • An official document stating the residential address. This can be e.g. a utility bill, a census registration indicating the residential address, tax income declaration forms, or a bank statement 
  • Work permit if you are working temporarily in Aruba
  • If you are self-employed and the income is derived from the business, please provide financial statements or tax returns of the business.

* Please note that specific documents and conditions are applicable to open a non-resident account. Call our Contact Center at 527 7777 for more information.

Surround yourself with the luxurious convenience of first class banking. Aruba Bank’s Platinum Banking is an exclusive experience that will surpass all your expectations. It’s a unique package of flexible high-end products and lavish VIP treatment. This includes your own designated and skilled personal account manager, who will be at your disposal to help you with all your banking needs in the comfortable surroundings of a private office, and even at your own office. Prepare to be pampered!

You deserve the Platinum Banking experience; an exclusive experience that will exceed your expectations.

Get in touch for a personal appointment!

Enter the first class in banking today!

Useful Tips

Get our Aruba Bank App® and check your balance or make transfers on-the-go.

Do you have questions?

Call our Contact Center during office hours and extended hours at (+297)527 7777.

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