Visa Platinum

Visa Platinum cardholders enjoy an exclusive benefits package, including the amazing Aruba Bank Rewards. The included Priority Pass will enable you to travel in luxury with access to over 600 VIP lounges worldwide. The Visa Platinum credit card is a Visa card, one of the most prestigious and readily accepted credit cards in the world.

Get your Visa Platinum credit card, by applying online, or make an E-Appointment.


  • Worldwide ATM access
  • Access to Priority Pass lounges
  • Right for you if you want
  • Benefits
  • What you need to apply
  • Cardholder Service and Assistance
  • Worldwide acceptance and ATM withdrawals. Our credit cards are accepted worldwide and can be used to withdraw cash from more than a million ATMs across the globe. 
  • Higher credit limit of US$7,500.-
  • Attractive travel insurances
  • Priority Pass to VIP travel lounge at international airports worldwide
  • Visa Platinum Concierge services


New Contactless “Tap & Go” Feature

  • Your Contactless feature will automatically activate once you have used your card + PIN successfully for the first time 
  • Contactless transactions up to $50 (or its equivalent in other currencies) require no PIN 


Free extra cards

You can share the benefits of card use with members of your family (up to a maximum of 3 cards).


Credit Card Protection Programs

We offer different credit card protection programs among which:
We offer different credit card protection programs among which:
  • Credit Card Fraud Protection Program
  • Credit Card Balance Protection Program


Visa Platinum benefits & services

Aruba Bank Rewards Program      

With this attractive reward you automatically earn a Reward Point for every dollar spent. Bonus Points can be redeemed for airline tickets, car rentals, hotel stays, 
vacation packages and much more. Points earned will be listed on your monthly statement or on the Aruba Bank Rewards website.

 Visit the Aruba Bank Rewards Program webpage and log-in to get up-to-date flight information to plan your travel with your points.


Priority Pass™ Membership

We provide free annual membership, a US$99.- value per year, giving you access to over 600 airport VIP lounges in more than 100 countries worldwide. A charge of US$27.- applies for each lounge visit, per additional person. A list of all VIP lounges can be found on


Visa Platinum Concierge services

As a Visa Platinum cardholder you do not need to worry about flight confirmation, or table reservation at the best local restaurant, or even sending a gift to a loved one. Your Visa Platinum Personal Assistant takes care of all that and even secures those impossible-to-get tickets for the show of the year.

Your Visa Platinum card provides you with exceptional services free of charge, so you can save time and money. All you need to do is call your Visa Concierge Personal Assistant directly at the telephone number indicated on the back of the card, or contact the

Visa Platinum Assistance Center at (+1) 410-902-80 or USA & Canada: 800- 396-9665


Attractive insurance packages

Emergency Medical Expenses Insurance

This insurance covers necessary medical expenses incurred as a result of sickness or injury during your trip up to an amount of US$25,000.-.


Medical Evacuation Insurance

You are covered up to US$50,000.- in case of evacuation and transportation due to injury or illness. Your card will pay for medical evacuation to the nearest medical facility or, if necessary, to your home.


Repatriations of remains coverage

In the unfortunate circumstance that you pass away during your trip, the costs and logistics of preparing and returning your remains to your home country could be an additional burden to your relatives or friends. Visa covers up to an amount of US$25,000.-.


Early Return Insurance coverage

Should you have to interrupt your trip due to an emergency back home, this insurance will cover your transportation expenses up to US 5,000.-.


VISA Platinum Insurances document

*Visa Terms and Conditions apply

Aruba Bank credit cards are available to Aruba Bank customers with a checking or salary account.  As part of your credit card application, we will ask you to supply us with the following:

  • A valid ID
  • Two salary slip copies if paid monthly, or four if paid bi-weekly
  • A reference letter from your employer

* Please note that specific documents and conditions are applicable to open a non-resident account. Call our Contact Center at 527 7777 for more information.

My Credit Card 

Enroll to My Credit Card and enjoy the convenience of 24/7 access to your credit card statement online. Stay on top of your payment due dates and set up email alerts. Read more about "My Credit Card"


Text Banking

Sign up for Text Banking and inquire or receive regular updates on your credit card balance while on-the-go simply using your mobile phone.


Aruba Bank Rewards Customer care

For questions regarding your Aruba Bank Rewards online profile contact the Aruba Bank Rewards help desk:  (00)1-800-597-9833, option #1


Redeem your Aruba Bank Rewards for travel

To redeem your Aruba Bank Rewards for travel simply call the ScoreCard Travel Center at: (00)1-800-842-3006 if calling from the USA or using Skype, or call 527 7996 if calling from Aruba.


Contact us

For questions regarding your credit card, statement or to speak with a customer service representative, feel free to call:

During business hours (8am to 4:00pm AST):
Aruba Bank Contact Center: (+297) 527-7777

Outside business hours:
Visa Assistance Center: 800-1518 (toll free number if calling from Aruba)
MasterCard Assistance Center: 800-1561 (toll free number if calling from Aruba) 

Useful Tips

Sign up for Aruba Bank App®and get updates on your account balance from the comfort of your home or while on-the-go.

Do you have questions?

Call our Contact Center during office hours and extended hours at (+297)527 7777.

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