Aruba Bank Online

Aruba Bank Online® offers you the safest and most advanced online banking experience. You decide when it’s time to bank. Manage your Aruba Bank accounts from one safe environment, at your convenience. Transfers and payments can be managed with a simple click.


  • Most secure and advanced online banking
  • User friendly
  • Manage your accounts 24/7
  • Aruba Bank Online allows you to:
  • Information about your Aruba Bank Hard Token
  • Check the balance of your different accounts (Current, Savings, Loans, Credit Card) 
  • Transfer money between your Current and Savings Accounts 
  • Transfer money to other local or international accounts 
  • Set up scheduled or recurring transfers 
  • Download statements 
  • Update your personal profile 
  • Manage your address book 
  • Link your ATM Card to your Savings Account
  • View your Credit Card balance
  • Submit Travel Notice
  • Block Account(s) 
  • And much more...
At Aruba Bank, we are constantly re-evaluating our security measures in an attempt to eliminate ever-evolving Internet and computer security threats. Therefore, we choose the most secure options for logging in to Aruba Bank Online® and for approving your transfers and payments.

Note: in addition to the personal profile features, Aruba Bank Online has a business profile that allows you to:
  • Assign approval authority at different levels
  • Set up Dual Approval requirement
  • Set up Bulk Payments for your recurring payments such as your payroll
  • Perform bulk approval of various transactions without having to do so one by one
  • Download statements directly to your compatible accounting software
  • Procure the audit trail of your transactions
  • Update your business profile
  • Manage your address book
  • Link your Business ATM Card to your other Operating Accounts
  • View your Business Credit Card balances
  • And much more...
Your Aruba Bank Hard Token is a small black device you receive when opening an account with Aruba Bank to use as a PIN code generator to enter your online banking account. Your Aruba Bank Hard Token will be locked if a wrong PIN code is entered after 3 consecutive attempts. Please call our Contact Center to unlock your token and create a new Pin code.


If you wish to request a replacement for the Aruba Bank Hard Token:

  • Go to
  • Click on “Login Tool Request for Aruba Bank Online® users”
  • Fill in all required information and submit your request

Login to Aruba Bank Online

You have the following options to ensure your financial information is always protected

  • Aruba Bank Token
  • Aruba Bank App®
The Aruba Bank Token gives you a double layer of security. It cannot be used without your PIN code, making it useless to someone else, should it be lost or stolen. With the use of your PIN code, the token generates a one-time password for each time you log in or when you approve a transfer request. The Aruba Bank App® provides the same double layer of security as the Aruba Bank Token, but with the use of your mobile device instead of a token device for added convenience.

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Get our Aruba Bank App® and check your balance or make transfers on-the-go. 
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