Sentoo payment method - your convenient way to pay

At Aruba Bank, we prioritize seamless and secure payment experiences for our valued customers. Introducing Sentoo Payments, a user-friendly solution designed to simplify transactions for individuals and businesses while enhancing local purchasing experiences.
  1. What is Sentoo and Where Can I Use It?
    Sentoo payments are initiated by merchants and processed through Aruba Bank Online and the Aruba Bank App. Look for the Sentoo checkout button, QR code, or payment link to utilize this service. For a list of participating companies, visit the Sentoo website:

  2. Do I Need a Sentoo Account?
    No, you don't need a Sentoo account. Simply access your Aruba Bank Online or Aruba Bank App to validate payments using your PIN. Use your Online Banking credentials through the Aruba Bank App or Aruba Bank Online to start making Sentoo payments.

  3. How to Make an Online Sentoo Payment:

    Step 1: Shop at your preferred store and select the desired product or service.
    Step 2: Choose to pay via Sentoo at checkout.
    Step 3: Select Aruba Bank on the Sentoo portal.
      Step 4: Complete the payment in your Mobile Banking app or Online banking website.
    Step 5: Confirm the payment and return to the online store or Sentoo portal.

  4. How to make a Sentoo Payment from an invoice with a QR code:
    Scan the QR code on a paper invoice using your mobile device's camera. Follow the prompts to complete the payment through the Sentoo portal via your Mobile Banking app or Online banking website.

  5.  Is Sentoo Payment Safe?
    Absolutely. Sentoo payments are made through secure Aruba Bank Online and Aruba Bank App platforms. Your accounts are protected by your trusted password to enter your Aruba Bank App.

  6. What options do Aruba Bank consumers have when making purchases/payments?
    Aruba Bank consumers can make payments via:

    a. Aruba Bank Online (using desktop version), end-to-end.

    Step 1: Start an interaction on an e-commerce website.
    Step 2: Move to Aruba Bank Online (desktop version) to validate/approve payment.
    Step 3: Return to the e-commerce website to conclude the purchase.

    b. Aruba Bank App, end-to-end.

    Step 1: Start a purchase on an e-commerce mobile app.
    Step 2: Move to the Aruba Bank App (installed on your Mobile device) to validate/approve payment.
    Step 3: Return to the business's e-commerce mobile app to conclude the purchase.

    c. Mixed.

    Step 1: An interaction that starts on the e-commerce website.
    Step 2: Move to the customer's Aruba Bank App.
    Step 3: Return to the business's e-commerce website to conclude the purchase.

  7. Will Sentoo payments be available for both personal and business users of the Aruba Bank App and Aruba Bank Online?
    Yes, both the Aruba Bank App and Aruba Bank Online will support Sentoo payments for all Aruba Bank customers, whether personal or business.

  8. Costs Involved:
    Consumers: Sentoo payments are free for Personal Online Banking users. Personal users may also face a Local Transfer fee when paying companies with accounts in other local banks.
    Businesses: Business Online Banking users may incur standard transaction fees.

    For businesses interested in implementing Sentoo as a payment method, updated pricing information is available on

  9. What’s the difference Between Sentoo Payment and Traditional Online Banking Payment?
    Sentoo payments automatically pre-fill payment details, ensuring accuracy, while traditional Online Banking payments allow manual adjustments.
 10. Can I Use Sentoo for Inter-Island Payments?
 No, currently Sentoo payments are limited to local companies on the same island.

 11.  Support and Inquiries:
 For specific Sentoo payment inquiries, start with the company you paid. If needed, contact Sentoo directly through their support page on the website.
 For Aruba Bank customers with inquiries about their payments booked, you may contact the Contact Center.

12. Technical Difficulties:
 If you encounter technical issues, please contact the company you are paying. They have access to Sentoo's emergency contact information for prompt issue resolution.

13. Reversing a Sentoo Payment:
While you can't reverse a Sentoo payment through the bank, contact the company where you made a purchase directly to arrange a reversal.

For more information: for comprehensive information about Sentoo, for both consumers and businesses, visit 

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