Credit Card Terms & Conditions 

Credit Card General Terms and Conditions
This Agreement is governed by the laws of Aruba in which country the card is issued. In this Agreement “We”, “our”, “us” and “the Bank” refer to Aruba Bank N.V. “You” and “your” refer to the primary or Principal Cardholder that credit card has been granted to. If the Aruba Bank Visa or Mastercard is not desired, destroy it by cutting it in half and return both parts to the Bank. Possession, activation and/or use of your Aruba Bank Visa or Mastercard credit card, or if we provide you with a renewal or replacement card(s), means that you acknowledge, understand and accept that this Agreement is currently in force between you and the Bank. If the terms and conditions of this Agreement are not clear to you, contact the Bank before activating or using your credit card. The Visa or Mastercard credit cards issued are property of the Bank, and must be returned if so requested.

Additional Card
At the request of the Principal Cardholder, the Bank may provide an Additional Card(s) to an Additional Cardholder(s). The use of the Additional Card(s) will be for the account and at the risk of the Principal Cardholder and will be charged against the credit limit and Card Account in the same way as the card of the Principal Cardholder. In using the Additional Card, the Additional Cardholder is deemed to be representing the Principal Cardholder vis-à-vis the Bank. By applying for the Additional Card, the Principal Cardholder agrees to the Additional Cardholder and authorizes the Additional Cardholder for this purpose. The Principal Cardholder is responsible for ensuring that the Additional Cardholder complies with the applicable conditions.

Card Usage
You can use your Aruba Bank Visa or Mastercard credit card to buy goods and services (“purchases”) from authorized businesses without using cash. An authorized business shall be identified as such by the display of the Visa or Mastercard trademarks and/or decals. By using the Aruba Bank Visa or Mastercard credit card, together with your Personal Identification Number (PIN), you can also obtain cash advances with your Visa card at any Automatic Teller Machine (“ATM”) displaying the Visa/Plus logo, or using your Mastercard at any ATM displaying the Mastercard/Cirrus logos. You may only use the Aruba Bank Visa or Mastercard credit card for legal and legitimate transactions. You agree to give the Bank financial statements and information from time to time upon request to keep your file up to date as the Bank deems necessary. 
You must sign your Aruba Bank Visa or Mastercard credit card immediately when you receive it and take every reasonable measure to keep it safe. 
The Bank shall settle the payment transactions for which a Cardholder gives instructions using his Card and pay any additional costs for the account of the Principal Cardholder, subject to the any grounds for refusal or suspension. You shall confine use of the Aruba Bank Visa or Mastercard credit card to the credit limit assigned. Any amount over the assigned credit limit shall be due in full and an over-limit fee will be assessed.
Aruba Bank is not liable if a merchant, a business or an ATM does not accept your Aruba Bank Visa or Mastercard credit card for any reason. Neither shall we be liable for goods delivered or services rendered by merchants.

Transactions in a foreign currency
The use of this Aruba Bank Visa or Mastercard credit card will always be governed by the Aruba Central Bank regulations or any other government or other authority as may be impose. You acknowledge and accept that any transaction, which the Bank considers to be in breach of any such statutory restrictions/regulations, could be declined. The amount of any purchase(s) or cash advance(s), in any currency, will be billed and payable by you in US dollars. Conversion from a foreign currency to US dollars will be made by Visa International or Mastercard Worldwide, depending on the card being used, at a rate of exchange determined by them on the date your purchase or cash advance is received and the relevant amount in US dollars will be charged to your account. In the case of withdrawals made in a foreign country by means of the Aruba Bank Visa or Mastercard credit card, the conditions and laws in force in the country concerned shall also be applicable.

Repayment of the amount you owe

When you use the Aruba Bank Visa or Mastercard credit card, and/or allow others to use it, you incur a debt. Interest, service charges, and annual fees that we charge you under this Agreement, will be added by us to your debt and will form part of it. You agree to repay the debt to the Bank. You shall give the Bank an irrevocable authorization to debit the full balance due, if you elect, as stated on your monthly statement from the account you designate. You promise to ensure that sufficient funds are kept on account enabling this payment to be effected; or, if you do not elect to repay your debt in full each month by the due date stipulated on your statement, you agree to make a minimum monthly payment. The minimum monthly payment will be five percent (5%) of the balance of your monthly statement, subject to a minimum amount of US$50. Payments can be made at any branch of the Bank, or through any alternative payment channel offered by the Bank from time to time in Aruba including the Bank’s ATMs, and the Aruba Bank Online® Internet Banking service. 
We apply your payments first to any interest charges that we have billed, then, to any service charges, then, to any previously billed cash advances. Next we apply them to any billed purchases on which interest is payable and then to any unbilled cash advances. We then apply your payments to any unbilled purchases.

Keep your Personal Identification Number (PIN) safe and confidential
You agree to keep your PIN separate from your Aruba Bank Visa or Mastercard credit card at all times. If you do not keep your PIN confidential, or if you keep your Aruba Bank Visa or Mastercard credit card and your PIN unsafe in a way that would allow someone else to see them together, steal them or otherwise use them in a fraudulent manner, you will be liable for all debt, including interest arising from their unauthorized use.

Telling us about loss, theft or unauthorized use
You will inform us immediately by telephone and in writing about the loss, theft, or unauthorized use of your Aruba Bank Visa or Mastercard credit card or PIN. If you even suspect unauthorized use, you must let us know immediately or you may be subject to loss. Until further notice such information shall be supplied to the Bank by telephone at (00297)-527-7829 during working hours, and in writing to Aruba Bank, Card Center, Camacuri 12, Oranjestad, Aruba. If outside Aruba call (800) 325-3678 for Visa or Mastercard to report lost or stolen cards.  If your Aruba Bank Visa or Mastercard credit card is lost or stolen you may be liable for all debt resulting from its use, until you have told us that it has been lost or stolen. If you have previously authorized someone to use your Aruba Bank Visa or Mastercard credit card, and have subsequently withdrawn your authorization, you will continue to be liable for all debts incurred by its use until that authorized card has been surrendered to the Bank.

Telling us about errors in your statement
In deviation of Article 25 of the General Terms and Conditions Aruba Bank, if your credit card statement contains any errors, you must inform the Bank within sixty (60) days of the statement date. If you do not receive your statement within 25 days of the date of the statement, you must inform us promptly in writing of such non-receipt. Unless we have received a notice of non-receipt, at the expiration of the 25 days, except as to any errors that have been notified to the Bank, it shall be settled conclusively between the Bank and you that the statement contains no errors. If errors are found notify the Bank immediately so copies of receipts can be requested, and/or other appropriate action taken if the situation warrants.

Changing your address and telephone
You, as the Primary Cardholder, will inform us in writing if you change your address or telephone number.

Settling Disputes
The Bank shall not reverse the relevant entry before it has been proven that the debit entry made was incorrect. 

Canceling this Agreement
Unless you give notice of termination of the contract at least six weeks prior to the expiration date of your Aruba Bank Visa or Mastercard credit card, simultaneously surrendering the valid Aruba Bank Visa or Mastercard credit card to the Bank, new Aruba Bank Visa or Mastercard credit cards shall be issued on your behalf a short time before expiration date upon which the annual charge shall be evidenced in the subsequent monthly statement, without you being entitled to a refund of the relevant amount to any extent. We shall reserve the right to disqualify you, even without any reason, from using the Aruba Bank Visa or Mastercard credit card and to block the renewal of such card. In such case, the Aruba Bank Visa or Mastercard credit card shall cease to be valid and you shall be under obligation to cut the Aruba Bank Visa or Mastercard credit card in half and to return both parts to the Bank without delay.

Bank records
You agree to accept our records of a transaction as accurate unless you can provide contrary evidence that is satisfactory to us.

Being jointly and separately liable
You, together with any Additional Cardholder(s), are jointly and separately liable for performing all obligations under this Agreement.

Information about interest rates, service charges and our annual fee
When we give you your card, we will also give you a notice telling you about interest rates, service charges and our annual fee. The annual fee will appear on your first monthly statement and is not refundable. In subsequent years, annual fees will be charged on the anniversary statement each year. Your interest rate will also be displayed on each monthly statement. If we change any of these rates or amounts, we will advise you in advance. 

Monthly statements
Monthly statements are prepared on business days, so your monthly statement date may vary from month to month. We will send the primary cardholder a statement specifying the sales paid on behalf of the cardholder during the past month together with ATM and cash withdrawals made by the cardholder, credits and other charges and will give notice of the amount to be debited to the payment account of the primary cardholder. All balances due are in United States Dollars. Statements are also available on-line without charge at

Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs)
The Bank establishes a maximum amount you can withdraw each day as a cash advance from an ATM, and the available ATM services, which may vary from time to time. We are not liable for any loss or damages you may suffer because of your use of an ATM or because of any failure to provide ATM services. We are not responsible for informing you of any mechanical failures of an ATM or for telling you when ATM’s are changed or withdrawn. When using your Aruba Bank Visa or Mastercard credit card to obtain cash advances either at an ATM or at a bank, you shall be charged a separate fee for each cash advance obtained.

Requiring you to pay your debt in full
We may require you or your estate to pay your total debt immediately if you do not carry out your obligations under this Agreement; if you become Bankrupt, insolvent, upon legal attachment, levy or execution against you, your estate or your property; or if any card, or PIN is used contrary to this Agreement, or if you die. 

Payment of costs and expenses
In case of defaults on balance due or failure to duly indemnify the Bank, you are liable for all costs ensuing, including all extra-judicial costs and or collection charges and all consequent legal fees.

Enforceability of this Agreement
If any part of this Agreement shall be held invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality or enforceability of the remainder of this Agreement shall not in any way be affected or impaired.

Changing this Agreement or the services we offer
We can unilaterally change this Agreement or the services that are available with this card, but we will give you timely notice in writing before we do so. Notice in writing to you about anything under this Agreement or any other matter relating to your card shall be deemed effected when we send you the information by telegram, fax transmission, or mail, or hand deliver it, to the last address you gave us. When we give notice to the primary cardholder, notice to authorized users of the cardholder shall also be deemed effected.

Amendments to the Agreement
The text of this Agreement and any amendments which the Bank may introduce shall be available for inspection at the offices of the Bank.

Disclosure of information
The Bank may disclose any information about you and your accounts:

a. In response to credit inquiries generated as a result of credit applications made by you;
b. Pursuant to legal process or subpoena;
c. If disclosure is necessary to protect the Bank’s interests;
d. By using the Aruba Bank Visa or Mastercard credit card, you consent to and authorize any such disclosure;
e. The Bank shall not become liable by reason of giving of any such information or of it being inaccurate or incomplete.

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