Update Aruba Bank Accounts - Frequently Asked Questions 

New Platinum Banking changes effective August 1st, 2024. We understand that with this change, you may have questions or concerns. To assist you, we have prepared this FAQ page :

For Residents

  1. What will happen to my current accounts and benefits?
    Your accounts and benefits will continue as usual.

  2. What will happen to my current Aruba Bank loan?
    Your current Aruba Bank loan will remain unchanged, as per the current agreement, until the end of the agreement.

  3. Who will be my contact person? 
    You will be notified via letter and/ or email.  

  4. Will I remain with my Black ATM Card?
    Yes, you will remain with the same account and card. 

  5. Will my monthly Account Maintenance fee change?
    Your current Account Maintenance fees will remain unchanged.

  6. Will this change bring any additional costs?
    No, there will be no additional costs.


For Non-Residents

  1. Will I have an assigned person?
    Yes, this will be informed via letter and/ or email.

  2. Will the monthly charge remain the same?
    Yes, the monthly maintenance fee will remain unchanged.

  3. Will there be any additional costs?
    No, there will be no additional costs.

  4. Will there be any other changes?
    No. The only change will be your Aruba Bank contact person.


For general inquiries, feel free to contact our Contact Center through the following channels:

For any further inquiries or assistance, our Contact Center officers are here to help you navigate through these changes seamlessly. 

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