Every Penny counts toward a brighter future. 

Valid from December 8th, 2020 till January 30th, 2021



Aruba Bank claims the sole and exclusive responsibility for organizing the initiative, while Mastercard International Incorporated ("Mastercard") is responsible for tracking the initiative and acting as a partner of this initiative.


All Aruba Bank Credit and Debit Cardholders who use their card from December 8th, 2020 until January 30th, 2021 contribute to the donation to Red Cross Aruba. Only POS transactions and Online purchases are valid for donation entry. 

Account adjustment transactions/returns, late payment fees, over-limit or overdraft fees, return cheque fees, cash advances, annual fees, ATM withdrawals, balance transfers, and/or other fees assessed on your account are not considered eligible transactions for donation entry.

 Any unauthorized card uses or use of lost, stolen, or fraudulent Aruba Bank Mastercard Debit or Credit Cards will also not be eligible transactions for entry into the donation, and Aruba Bank retains the right to render void any entry made as a result of any such transaction.


Aruba Bank will be donating US $ 0.01 cent to Red Cross Aruba each time a cardholder makes a POS or Online purchase with their Aruba Bank Mastercard. This donation is made on behalf of the Aruba Bank customer because of their everyday purchases. The donation can sum up to a total amount of  US$50,000. 


On February 17, 2021 Mastercard will make the transaction of the total accumulated sum during the campaign period to Red Cross Aruba.

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