Getting started with Aruba Bank Online® and Aruba Bank App®

Congratulations! You are now ready to experience the new, innovative, and user-friendly Aruba Bank Online® and Aruba Bank App®. You are now able to manage your Personal Accounts, anytime and anywhere. 

New features include:

Aruba Bank Online®

  • Create and Approve Bulk (multiple) Transfers
  • Enhanced History Search and options for printing or saving Proof of Payments 
  • And more..

Aruba Bank App®

  • Login with Face ID or Touch ID
  • Create and Approve International Transfer
  • View Time Deposit and Credit Card Transactions
  • Find Proof of Payment in Transaction History, with sharing options
  • And much more..
Learn all about the new features and how to make the most out of your Aruba Bank Online® and Aruba Bank App® by exploring the video tutorials and user guides below.

Aruba Bank Online® Guide

Download our Aruba Bank Online® guide for activating your Aruba Bank Online® Download Guide

Aruba Bank App® Guide

Download our Aruba Bank App® guide for activating your Aruba Bank App® Download Guide

Aruba Bank Online® Tutorials

Learn how to do banking with Aruba Bank Online® Video Tutorials View tutorials

Aruba Bank App® Tutorials

Learn how to do banking with Aruba Bank App® Video Tutorials View tutorials

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