Aruba Bank celebrates its stars during a month of gratitude and team spirit 

Aruba Bank N.V. on Fri 15 December 2023 16:22:27 PM GMT

As Aruba Bank wraps up its vibrant Employee Appreciation Month, it's time to reflect on the memorable moments that brought us together and celebrate the incredible talents and dedication of our team. This November has been a journey of joy, recognition, and team spirit, highlighting the bank's commitment to its employees.
Our festivities began on November 3, 2023, with a lively Happy Hour event. The evening was filled with great food, uplifting music, and the distribution of special commemorative T-shirts. This set the tone for a month-long celebration of our invaluable employees at Aruba Bank.
Throughout the month, we embarked on various activities designed to motivate and express our gratitude to our employees. These included:
1. Breakfast Surprises: To start the day off right, we handed out delightful breakfast treats.
2. Thanksgiving Lunch: A special lunch to express our gratitude during the Thanksgiving season.
3. Sweet Treats: A day dedicated to satisfying the sweet tooth with delicious donuts.
These small gestures of appreciation were a hit among our team at Aruba Bank, adding a touch of warmth to our daily routines.
A key focus of our activities this year was on virtual games, emphasizing team building and camaraderie:
1. Virtual Bonding: Games designed to help us know our colleagues better.
2. Mini Arcade Challenges: Fun, competitive, and engaging digital games.
3. Mini Scavenger Hunt: A digital twist to the classic game, adding excitement to our workdays.
4. Hersen Gymnastiek: A brain-teasing activity with 12 participating teams.
The most notable event was the Door Decorating Competition, which saw enthusiastic participation from 23 departments at Aruba Bank, highlighting creativity and team effort.
We concluded the month with our Recognition Event, a grand celebration at the beautiful Villa Floralina, themed around the Wild West. This event was a platform to honor our stars at Aruba Bank:
1. Employee of the Year - Front Office: Mirugia Silberie
2. Employee of the Year - Back Office: Mirouska de Cuba
3. Leader of the Year: Noraiza Hart
4. Team of the Year: Cash Operations Department
5. Lifetime Achievement Award: Marjan Groot
As we close this chapter of celebration at Aruba Bank, we are reminded of the strength and dedication of our team. Each activity, each smile, and each moment of recognition reinforces our commitment to nurturing a supportive and appreciative workplace culture. Here's to our employees, the heart of Aruba Bank!


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