Aruba Bank joined the Hour of Code 2018

Aruba Bank N.V. on Fri, 14 Dec 2018 13:18:40 GMT

Special guests for this special morning were students of the primary school Pius X

This year we took part of the Hour of Code 2018. This global initiative attracted more than 1 million kids around the world during the entire week of 3 December, 2018 until December 7, 2018. We hosted 2 sessions at our Camacuri venue for a total of 50 students of the primary school Pius X. The students were very excited for the opportunity given to experience the “Hour of Code” together with our Aruba Bank volunteers.

The “Hour of Code” event is to introduce students to the world of coding and programming. A group of “developers” from our IT department made it possible to pass on their knowledge of basic coding and programming to these students; also the students were guided to complete the Coding assignments of the official Hour of Code site. A demo was also shown with an example on how a simple coding can solve a problem or how to make a process easier and efficient for a bank scenario.

The “Hour of Code” initiative is very important for the entire world because technology nowadays forms an important role in the lives of student and youngsters. It is very important for private sectors such as Aruba Bank to help these students with skills that will help them to be more innovative in any chosen career in the near future.

The “Hour of Code” program was available on the following site: Hourofcode.com and is designed for everyone from the age of 4 years old and is available throughout the entire year and not only during the “Hour of Code” week.

By teaching these students at an early age how to code and program, it will create a foundation for a more successful human being, no matter which career path they may choose. We were very happy to have organized the “Hour of Code” event in order to help these students with their growth in this modern world and hereby contribute to develop their knowledge in regards to technology. We would like to give thanks once more to the teachers at the primary school Pius X School for accepting the invitation to be part of the “Hour of Code 2018”, and also to our awesome volunteers for making time available to share their knowledge with the students.

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