Aruba Bank helps Filomena College MAVO to digitalize

Aruba Bank N.V. on Fri, 30 Oct 2020 17:33:40 GMT

Students at Filomena College MAVO received a unique surprise from Aruba Bank. Representatives of the bank surprised the school with several computers. Our society and the economy are changing daily, and this is also the case with how the teachers are teaching nowadays. This way of teaching goes together with the technological development.

Because of the current Covid- 19 situation that our island is currently facing, the educational system had to be digitalized in an efficient and fast way.

Students nowadays are choosing to make use modern technology when they are studying. There are several benefits of the ways that modern technology is being incorporated in the way of the teaching. 

Some important points are:
- The effect of motivation to do daily work.
- It gives the teacher the opportunity to give the lessons more clearly.
- Modern technology offers the opportunity to give the students a much better guidance.
- The modern technology is also great for doing school exercises at home and to work on several projects with the students.

Aruba Bank is proud to be able to help students in their developed by making use of the modern technology. We are happy to have been able to donate 3 computers that both the school and the students can make good use of these.



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