Aruba Bank joins forces with Setar to enable a new payment experience on a new platform

Aruba Bank N.V. on Wed, 23 Oct 2019 15:20:42 GMT

Aruba Bank is happy to be able to provide its customers with another Superior Experience through their partnership with Setar. Aruba Bank is the first bank to partner with Setar to enable payments on the telecommunication company’s Pay.aw platform.

The Pay.aw platform is a steppingstone for investment in innovative payment methods for our customers and a practical alternative to cash payment. Pay.aw is digital currency in a digital wallet on your smartphone, connected to your Aruba Bank account.

The solution is powered by Setar and Aruba’s pioneer bank is the banking partner enabling personal account holders to choose products and services, place an order and pay using their mobile phone in a secure way. Aruba Bank small businesses will be able to enjoy the benefits of promoting their products and services and receiving payments via the platform as well.

*Aruba Bank customers who wish to use the application can visit: www.pay.aw and scan the QR code to download application or click on the link on www.arubabank.com. Aruba Bank business customers who want to promote and sell their products or services via the Pay.aw platform can do so by visiting www.pay.aw for more information.

*Non Aruba Bank customers who want to use the app., may open a personal account at Aruba Bank by visiting: www.arubabank.com/new-customer to enable the payment solution on their phone. Non-Aruba Bank business customers may apply for a business account at www.arubabank.com/corporate.

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