Aruba Bank and SKOA join forces to help many vulnerable children in our community

Aruba Bank N.V. on Wed, 09 Sep 2020 13:56:12 GMT

Aruba Bank and SKOA join forces to help many vulnerable children in our community with the opportunity to attend school during the 2020-2021 schoolyear

Aruba Bank contributed to the social fund of SKOA (Stichting Katholiek Onderwijs Aruba) to help ensure that a group of the most vulnerable children on the island would be able to attend school this year.

SKOA has worked diligently to introduce various processes and procedures to facilitate parents and guardians of children at forty-six (46) SKOA schools to make payments in installments at Aruba Bank. Notwithstanding of this effort there is still a group of approximately seventy (70) students who could not afford to cover the tuition costs. In accordance with our Corporate Social Responsibility, Aruba Bank N.V., presented Mrs. Anuesca Baly, Director of SKOA a donation of twenty two thousand guilders to aid in the aforementioned shortcomings.

The symbolic funds handover was presented by Mrs. Tamara Waldron, Marketing & PR Manager in presence of Mrs. Sonaly Fernandez-Acosta and Mrs. Lisa Vis-Tromp, Senior Account Managers Platinum Banking. Aruba Bank is pleased to be able to guarantee that these students receive an education and do not fall behind during this academic year. Most importantly the students will be able to participate in school activities and can attend school with confidence.


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