Green Corridor Duathlon sponsored by Aruba Bank, a resounding success

Aruba Bank N.V. on Tue 05 September 2023 15:47:48 PM GMT

Over the weekend, participants took on the challenge of the Green Corridor Duathlon, where they completed 9 climbs along the course. The event featured two categories - Sprint and Super sprint/MTB.

The Sprint category consisted of a 5.8k run, a 21k mountain bike ride, and a final 3.3k run. The Super sprint/MTB category included a 3.3k run, a 7k mountain bike ride, and a final 2k run.

The winners of each category displayed spectacular determination and shared their enthusiasm for the event, which pushed their physical limits during the Green Corridor Duathlon. Aruba Bank, as the main sponsor, is pleased to have been a part of this event.

Congratulations to all participants and the Sportsz4U Triathlon Academy organizers.




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