Aruba Bank is the first company to introduce Report App worldwide

Aruba Bank N.V. on Thu, 05 Sep 2019 19:19:31 GMT

With the aim to safeguard health and well being of employees, this week Aruba Bank’s Managing Director Sharon Frankel-de Cuba led a press conference to formally announce the introduction of the company’s “Report App”, the first company to introduce this app, worldwide. According to Managing Director, Michiel Helfrich, this platform is in line with the bank’s strategic pillars: “We Care” and “We Build”.


The goal of the Report App is to help maintain a pleasant work sphere by making employees more aware of their behavior at work. The App will help employees identify different types of undesired behavior and remove any barriers that could hinder the reporting of such behaviors.


The project was undertaken together with About Workplace Harassment whose mission is to help create awareness and provides education on how to achieve a workplace free from (sexual) harassment and Medwork Aruba. With this effort Aruba Bank hopes to create a healthy, respectful and sustainable work environment that is free from all types of harassment.

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