15th anniversary celebration Aruba Bank MEGA Car Sale. Buy now, start paying March 2020

Aruba Bank N.V. on Tue, 20 Aug 2019 14:59:53 GMT

During a press conference held at Aruba Bank in Camacuri, the bank officially announced the launch of this year’s MegaCar Sale event, MegaHUNTER. In connection with the 15th celebration of the event the bank went the extra mile to include a community Car Rally event as well. Information about the Car Sales event on September 7th, and the Car Rally event on Saturday August 24th, 31st, and September 7th, customers and non customers can visit to visit the virtual car and motorcycle dealerships to select and apply for their car loan and start paying in March 2020.


The site is available to guide visitors with the following features:

• A MegaChat active from Monday to Friday from 8AM to 8PM to answer any question related to the campaign or the event;

• Visuals of car models from all local dealerships;

• Online calculator to assist in calculating your monthly payment;

• Car Loan application forms that make the process fast and easy;

• Detailed information about the MegaHUNTER Car Rally.


Cars or motorcycles can be purchased with a “0” % downpayment with terms of payment up to 7 years depending on the sum of the car combined with an atractive interest rate of 6.5% (effective interest may vary between 6.60% - 6.70%). Customers have the option to buy now and start paying in March 2020. There will be special discounts for car insurance.

The MegaHUNTER Car Rally offers the entire community chances to win prizes, PLUS additional discounts and benefits for those who purchase a vehicle. The events take place on Saturdays, August 24th and 31st and on the 7th of September between 9AM until 12 noon.


To participate in the MegaHUNTER Car Rally follow 4 steps:

1. Go to using your Smartphone, click on “Start Car Rally” to inititiate your participation to the MegaHUNTER Car Rally by creating your profile. Every profile can participate with a maximum of 3 locations. Everyone can participate. Make sure you have a Smartphone with “GPS” enabled and “Internet Data” to follow the hint, post a selfie with the “MegaHUNTER digital frame” and lastly you will have to complete a quiz to receive 50 points.

2. To activate the first Car Rally Hint, you will to pass in front of Aruba Bank Camacuri on the Saturdays mentioned and the first hint will appear on your Smartphone. Once you are en route to the destination, the GPS will activate 1000 meters before you reach this point and this will guide you to reach your final point.

3. To accumulate points. Once you are 15 meters close to the final object, you will see the “MegaHUNTER digital frame” on the screen of your Smartphone. Take a selfie with the object in the back and post this on your Facebook Timeline. Once you complete this you have completed with 50% of the goal to win the price. When you post the selfie, a multiple choice quiz will appear. Answer these questions correctly and you will reach the goal for this location and automatically you qualify for a price.

4. Awesome prizes. In connection with our 15 year celebration of MEGA, there will be a lot of prizes for all participants of the MegaHUNTER Car Rally. With every reached goal at each location, participants will qualify for a prize. Every participant can qualify for a maximum of 3 prizes.



With a total of 3 reached locations of the MegaHUNTER Car Rally and if your MEGA Car Loan has been approved, automatically you will participate to win one of the BIG prizes.

BIG PRIZE 1: 1 year of Car Insurance completely paid with a maximum of AWG 3500,- and 0.5% discount on your new MEGA Car Loan interest.

BIG PRIZE 2: Gasoline voucher of AWG 500,-, Full year of license plate 2020 and skip one monthly payment of your new MEGA Car Loan.

Winners will be announced during the week of September 23rd, 2019.


For more information on Aruba Bank’s special rate for Platinum Banking and Corporate Banking, please contact your Account Manager. Visit for all information over the MegaHUNTER and the MegaHUNTER Car Rally. Follow us on Facebook: and Instagram @Aruba Bank N.V. for more updates.


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