Aruba Bank helps Koningin Wilhelmina Fonds Aruba fight Cancer

Aruba Bank N.V. on Tue, 04 Aug 2020 15:57:57 GMT

Aruba Bank and Koningin Wilhelmina Fonds Aruba signed an agreement at the end of 2019 to join forces for the “Walk and Run 2020” with the goal to help the foundation to support Cancer patients and their families.

As a result of the Covid-19 situation, the annual event was canceled, yet taking into account that the foundation relies on monetary contributions to continue to help patients, Aruba Bank contributed with the sum of AWG 15,000 to the foundation.

During a short visit at our Camacuri branch, Mrs. Lilly Prince, President of KWKF received the donation from Mrs. Tamara Waldron, Marketing & PR Manager of Aruba Bank.

Aruba has a high number of Cancer patients. The work of KWKF is instrumental in creating awareness and supporting those who are ill and their families. Aruba Bank is satisfied with the contribution to the KWKF in their fight against Cancer. 

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