Aruba Bank empowers Kibaima Wildfire 40+ Softball Team with essential equipment for the team

Aruba Bank N.V. on Tue, 27 May 2023 09:35:15 AM GMT

Aruba Bank has proudly sponsored the Kibaima Wildfire 40+ Softball Team by providing essential equipment. The sponsorship includes a sponsored catcher’s Helmet, bats, a catcher’s glove, and new soft balls, ensuring the team is well-equipped to continue their pursuit of excellence.

Kibaima Wildfire, a highly respected 40+ softball team with a rich history, has consistently demonstrated its skill and dedication over the years. With numerous league championships and a successful track record in both local and regional tournaments, they have become a symbol of excellence in the softball community.

Aruba Bank's sponsorship reflects its commitment to fostering sportsmanship, teamwork, and community engagement. By providing the team with sponsored goods, Aruba Bank has played a crucial role in supporting the team's success and helping them maintain their competitive edge.

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