Olympic Day 2018

Aruba Bank N.V.  on Fri, 22 Jun 2018 19:10:47 GMT

Olympic Day 2018 will be organized by Instituto Biba Saludabel y Activo (IBiSA), Comite Olimpico Arubano (COA) and Aruba Bank. This event will take place on Saturday, June 23rd , on the parkinglot of Aruba Bank’s Camacui branch.

A wide array of activities will be hosted at said location to learn and discover the three (3) pillars of the Olympic Day. The program consists of the 5KM Fun Walk & Run, the 1-2-3 KM walk for school children, demonstrations by various sports federations, unique opportunities to meet local athletes and a kids corner for the littlest ones. The 1-2-3 KM competition will be one for both girls and boys divided by age groups as follows: 6-7 year olds will participate in the 1KM race, 8-9 and 10-11 will participate in the 2KM race, and the 12-13 and 14-15 year olds will participate in the 3KM race.

All children are requested to register at their school, who in turn can register online, there are no costs involved for participation. The timing of the 1-2- 3K race will be registered electronically using MYLAPS Bib Tag. Participants will receive a t-shirt which they can pick up on June 23rd at Aruba Bank. These shirts must be worn during the competition. At the end of the race children will be provided with water, iced-tea and fruit. Medals will be awarded to the top three (3) finalists in each category.

The 5K Fun Walk & Run is open to all age groups and will begin and end at the Aruba Bank parkinglot at Camacuri on the same day. Each participant will be required to walk five (5) times 1KM which represent the five (5) Olympic rings. Registration for this event is free. Participants can register up to one (1) hour before the race starting at 5:00 am. A total of 200 participants can register, and will receive a free t-shirt which they will receive on location.

The 5K Fun Walk & Run starst at 6:00 am and will be followed by the 1-2-3K race. Demonstrations will start at 9:00 am and the Kids Corner will open at the same time. Participants and visitors can meet the athletes at 10:00 am.

COA invites all federations to be a part of this unique opportunity, as well as local athletes who can inspire youngsters to become active in sports.

Aruba Bank, IBiSA, and COA extend their invitation to the Aruban community to visit the Olympic Day event on June 23rd, 2018 at the Aruba Bank parkinglot at the Camacuri branch to support, participate, and learn about all that our sports community has to offer. 

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