Aruba Bank helps safeguard Aruban heritage through sponsorship of documentary 

Aruba Bank N.V. on Tue, 07 June 2022 12:11:58 GMT

Aruba Bank is the proud sponsor of the most recent documentary presented by FHHA (Fundacion Herencia Historico di Aruba), “Cas di Torto”.

The recently launched production aims to help promote Aruban heritage and maintain our history and culture alive. The project documents different aspects of the “Cas di Torto” (adobe house), which was built using a traditional technique. 

According to the Managing Director of Aruba Bank, Mrs. Sharon Fränkel-deCuba, "We are pleased to have helped the FHHA realize this documentary about the “Cas di Torto, and to have contributed to the promotion of our cultural heritage and the safeguarding of our history for future generations."


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