Aruba Bank helps You Inc. seminar bring mental health, personal finances issues to the forefront.

Aruba Bank N.V. on Tue, 01 June 2021 13:38:26 GMT

Aruba Bank the official sponsor of You Inc. seminar 2021 organized by the Rotaract Club of Aruba. The bank supported the event that carried the theme of “Reinventa Bo Mes” (Reinvent Yourself) and presented topics such as mental health, personal branding, personal finances, entrepreneurship, and skills that help you lead in the current world.

The keynote speaker was well-known entrepreneur, Jandino Asporaat, founder of “Het Huis van Asporaat” and author of DINO. The comedian, famous for his role as “Judesca”, has an extensive career and an interesting success story that he shared with the audience.

Panelists Rocio Burgos, Herrick Henriquez, and Johnny Boekhoudt, shared their stories, while Larissa Bermudez and Jair Versprey served as hosts.

Aruba Bank is proud to have been able to support the platform that brought these important and current issues to the forefront. We congratulate the Rotaract Club of Aruba and all participants for a great seminar.


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