Employees of Aruba Bank inspire students of Colegio San Antonio

Aruba Bank N.V. on Thu, 20 May 2021 01:29:36 GMT

Aruba Bank participated in the “profielkeuze” (profile choice) project of Colegio San Antonio.

For this project, employees of Aruba Bank recorded a video to give an elaborate explanation of their personal journey on the way to their current function. They recalled moments from when they finished their secondary school to concluding their studies and getting their first job in a financial institution, including at Aruba Bank.

The goal of the video is to motivate students to select economics as part of their profile and at the same time to show the students different possibilities economics offers and the ample benefits it provides within the banking sector.

The video will be shared with the students and will serve as an extra tool for years to come.

Participating Aruba Bank employees were thrilled to be able to share their experiences in a positive manner to help inform and inspire youngsters.

We congratulate the team at Colegio San Antonio for putting this together and thank them for choosing Aruba Bank.


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