Aruba Bank presents a series of interviews with its Mortgage Advisors – “Caweta di Hipoteca”

Aruba Bank N.V. on Wed, 24 April 11:30:27 AM GMT

As announced at the outset of Aruba Bank's 'Perfect Pieces, Perfect Mortgage' campaign, Aruba Bank will be presenting exclusive content for all customers interested in learning more about mortgages.

Aruba Bank has designed a series of interviews with content related to mortgages, called “Caweta di Hipoteca.” This series will be presented, alongside Larissa Bermudez as the host. Larissa will interview Aruba Bank Mortgage Advisors, asking valuable questions to help achieve the dream home.

The dates for the interview series are as follows:
* Interview 1: Thursday, April 24, 2024
* Interview 2: Friday, May 3, 2024
* Interview 3: Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Aruba Bank encourages all customers to register; they will receive an email with the link to access the interviews.

Regarding the Mortgage campaign, Perfect Pieces, Perfect Mortgage:
This campaign is designed for customers who want to buy, build, or refinance their home. Whether you're looking to buy your first home or upgrade your existing one, our Mortgage Advisors are ready to guide you, step by step, through each phase of the process. The campaign offers competitive rates, financing tailored to each individual's situation, the option to buy now and start paying after 6 months, and financing for up to 30 years. Apply now at and explore all the benefits, taking the first step towards realizing your dream home. You can also schedule an appointment via E-appointment or visit our branches for more information; we have a Mortgage Booth available during the campaign period.

Additionally, the Perfect Pieces, Perfect Mortgage campaign offers customers the opportunity to win CASH PRIZES: Take advantage of this special offer valid until June 30, 2024. So, for every applicant from now until June 30, 2024, you'll be entered to win! A total of 30,000 florins in prizes will be distributed. The grand prize will be AWG 15,000, the second prize will be AWG 10,000, and we will also draw 5 winners of AWG 1,000 each.

Visit Aruba Bank's website or Aruba Bank's Facebook, and REGISTER today.


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