Aruba Bank fuels cultural preservation by supporting Fundacion Mi Cutisa 

Aruba Bank N.V. on Fri, 05 April 11:14:37 AM GMT

Aruba Bank is thrilled to support the heartbeat of our island's heritage through a recent collaboration with Fundacion Mi Cutisa, an organization at the forefront of celebrating and preserving the unique cultural fabric of Aruba.

At the heart of Fundacion Mi Cutisa's mission is the vibrant array of cultural initiatives they bring to life, from community museums like the enchanting Museo Cas Tan Tin to the creation of compelling documentaries that capture the essence of Aruban traditions. To fuel their passionate work, Aruba Bank has contributed a television display and a laptop, enhancing their ability to engage with our community and bringing Aruban culture to the forefront.

Imagine the stories that will be told and the history that will be shared using this equipment: talks that transport listeners through time, presentations that unfold the rich tapestry of our island's past, and educational sessions that inspire the next generation. These tools will allow Fundacion Mi Cutisa to bring documentaries to life in the museum, edit and showcase portraits of Arubans in traditional attire, and so much more.

We at Aruba Bank are proud to play a role in this cultural journey, supporting Fundacion Mi Cutisa's mission to weave our heritage into the daily lives of our community. It's our way of ensuring that the vibrant traditions and stories of Aruba continue to enrich and educate future generations, celebrating the spirit that makes our island truly unique.



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