The winners of the Aruba Bank Circular Economy School Challenge are announced

Aruba Bank N.V. on Mon, 25 March 12:00:00 PM GMT

The educational project of Aruba Bank in collaboration with Impact Blue on the topic of Circular Economy culminated on Friday, March 22, after the School challenge took place at Aruba Bank's main office. The event, led by Roxanne Croes, Senior Marketing Officer, is the culmination of months of hard work, dedication, and innovation by the participating schools.

A panel of judges, including Juliet Carvahal (Impact Blue), Tyson Lopez (Arikok National Park), and Kathy Scholiers (Aruba Bank), had the challenging task of evaluating the projects presented by four schools: Nos Fortalesa Montessori Children’s House, EduCampus Aruba, International School of Aruba, and Colegio Felipe B Tromp.

On behalf of Aruba Bank, Roxanne Croes warmly welcomed the participants, judges, members of the press, and others present. Afterward, each school presented its project, highlighting its unique approach to applying the principles of circular economy in our daily lives, whether at school or at home.
Representatives from Nos Fortalesa Montessori Children’s House, EduCampus Aruba, International School of Aruba, and Colegio Felipe B Tromp impressed the audience with their innovative ideas and practical solutions.

Following the presentations, the judges convened to deliberate while all present enjoyed a sweet treat.
The team that took first place is Colegio Felipe B Tromp, with Nos Fortalesa Montessori Children’s House in second place, EduCampus Aruba in third place, and an additional prize announced for International School, which also participated in the School Challenge. The judges provided constructive feedback to all participants to continue to stimulate creativity.

"We are incredibly proud of all the participating schools and their dedication to the Aruba Bank Circular Economy Project," said Nelleke Cardenas. The creativity and commitment to sustainability have truly set a high standard for sustainability efforts in our community among our youth.

The Aruba Bank Circular Economy project represents a significant step in promoting sustainability and innovation among the youth of Aruba. As the event comes to a close, the organizers express their gratitude to the participating schools and students, judges, and especially all teachers for guiding the students throughout the process.

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