Aruba Bank participated in Aruba Doet 2024 alongside Grupo Curason Jong Paradera

Aruba Bank N.V. on Sat, 16 March 15:30:51 PM GMT

Aruba Bank proudly collaborated with Grupo Curason Jong Paradera, a local organization dedicated to spreading joy and companionship among the elderly.
This year, they extended an invitation to all volunteers to join their dancing crew in visiting two elderly homes. Volunteers had the opportunity to engage in uplifting conversations, encourage the elderly residents to dance, and ensure they had a memorable and enjoyable time.

The first stop on this heartwarming journey was at Cas di Cuido Thuiszorg in Jaburibari, home to 40 residents. Following this, volunteers visited Cas di Cuido Marizul in Papaya, which housed 30 residents. Grupo Curason Jong Paradera had prepared a group of talented dancers who performed for the elderly, while volunteers were tasked with encouraging them to join in the fun and get moving!

Aruba Bank is committed to fulfilling its Corporate Social Responsibility and to contributing to community work in various ways throughout the year.
We thank our employees for being part of Aruba Doet and all volunteers who actively participated in the various projects of Aruba Doet 2024.

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