Aruba Bank Committed to Offering A Superior Experience 

Aruba Bank on Tue, 06 Mar 2018 19:46:43 GMT 

The campaign launch is tied to the bank’s new strategic communication platform. The results of which effort were revealed during the afternoon, after extensive market research conducted since 2017, to better understand how the community values local product and services. 

As explained by our Managing Director, Mrs. Sharon Fränkel - De Cuba, during the session, “It is important that the bank offers the customers what they want. That is why we concentrate our efforts on understanding their wants and needs.” 

As a result of being the only Aruban Bank on the island it is important that we offer exactly what has made our island so well known worldwide. We need to make sure our employees’ innate friendliness and cordiality contribute to the Superior Experience we offer at every touch point.  

After numerous training sessions in 2017, employees were able re-capture some of the content of those training in short sessions during the launch. After completing each session, employees received a certificate and pin that marked the start of the Superior Experience journey. 

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