Aruba Bank received a visit from students of Mon Plaisir College HAVO

Aruba Bank N.V. on Thur 22 February 13:17:11 PM GMT

As part of the "BeYourOwnBoss" project in collaboration with Qredits Aruba, Aruba Bank hosted a class of students from Mon Plaisir College HAVO to receive a presentation from our Assistant Retail Sales and Services Manager, Mr. Rodney Geerman. 

The students have been working on the "BeYourOwnBoss" project for several months, where they received various topics on how to become the owner of their own business and how to do it. Each time, they received a visit from Qredits Aruba and Aruba Bank. 

This time, we decided to make a change by inviting this class to visit our branch in Camacuri to receive this presentation. The topics covered on this day went over the differences that may exist when opening a personal account versus a business account. There was also further elaboration on the different departments within Aruba Bank. 

The students were very enthusiastic about learning more about the mentioned topics, and this could help them better understand what is needed when it comes time to open a bank account, whether for personal use or business. Thanks to the students and teacher from Mon Plaisir College HAVO for making this visit possible.

Good luck in the final phases before the final event!


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