Aruba Bank invites the Aruban community to contribute to the “Stimami Sterilisami” program!

Aruba Bank N.V. on Tue, 02 Feb 2021 14:08:49 GMT

Our community faces a great problem due to a high number of stray dogs and cats.
These animals are suffering due to hunger, have some type of disease, or are being put to sleep due to overpopulation.

The only solution to this problem is to educate each cat or dog owner, and the community in general, of the care that comes along with owning a pet. The Stimami Sterilisami Foundation focuses on creating awareness of the responsibility of each owner to care for their pet. As a result, the Stimami Sterilisami Foundation initiated the sterilization program a few years ago.

In accordance with our Corporate Social Responsibility and our strategic pillar We Care, Aruba contributed to the foundation to help cover the costs involved to continue the sterilization program on the island.

Because of the importance of sterilization and the positive advantages it provides, Aruba Bank invites the community to participate in the program, get their pet sterilized, and ultimately help alleviate the stray cat and dog problem in Aruba.  

A representative of Aruba Bank, Roxanne Croes made the donation on behalf of Aruba Bank to the representative of the Stimami Sterilisami Foundation, Crescenzia Biemans.

Donations can be made via account # 6012630190 at Aruba Bank or by visiting their website: for more information.

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