Aruba Bank Launches New and Exciting Changes for all Personal and Business Customers

Aruba Bank N.V. on Fri, 12 Feb 2021 08:52:30 GMT

Aruba Bank launched their new and improved, Aruba Bank Online® and Aruba Bank App®. for all customers, and especially introducing their Business customers the new Aruba Bank App® for the first time. 

We’ve been listening closely to our customers, and in response, our Aruba Bank Online® and Aruba Bank App®  now feature a new face and have been upgraded to include even more exciting new features. As of today, Aruba Bank Online® and the Aruba Bank App® provide business customers 24/7 access to the bank, wherever they are and whenever they want.

Aruba Bank has made multi-million guilder investments in “state-of-the-art” technology and innovation to improve and add new features to these digital services for both Personal and Business customers. 
Today they are proud to be here to present their next largest investment in Aruban banking services by bringing digital banking to the highest level in Aruba.

The services will offer easy-to-use, online and real time access to account(s) and full banking services, including account opening, view Personal – and Business accounts through Aruba Bank Online® or Aruba Bank App®, make international transfers using the Aruba Bank App®, an improved transfer screens on web, uploading personal documents via mobile, improved address book and Search and Proof of Payment sharing options.

According to Mr. Arthur Frans, who oversaw the technological and innovative advancement, “To make online banking even more convenient, businesses are now able to use the Aruba Bank App® while on-the-go, as a “Soft Token” to access online banking services in addition to the “hard token” (ABO Pass).”

Furthermore, Mr. Marlon Kock, Project Manager of the undertaking, was happy to announce that existing Aruba Bank Online® customers would be migrated to the new platform over the coming months. All customers should remain alert for an email with further instructions once they are enabled to the new Aruba Bank Online® and Aruba Bank App®.

For more information please visit

About the New Aruba Bank Online®

Features through Aruba Bank Online® for Personal and Business customers include:
Business and personal banking customers are now able to enroll for the soft token, enabling them to create new and approve pending transactions, while on the go.
Check their account balance of different accounts, such as, Current, Savings, Loans, Credit Card, and Business Accounts
Download and print statements with a bank-logo
Manage Personal Address Book
New accounts are automatically added to online profile
Businesses can switch easily between account and portfolios, set default portfolio and manage accounts that are visible on the home-screen
Businesses can send Bulk Transfers, as well as approve Bulk Transfers using the Aruba Bank App®
Businesses can set permissions for sub-users
Businesses can retrieve Audit Reports on activities on accounts

With Aruba Bank Online® business customers will have the following options:
Aruba Bank “Hard Token”
Aruba Bank “Soft Token” using the Aruba Bank App®

The Aruba Bank ‘Hard Token’ and ‘Soft Token’ gives customers a double layer of security. It cannot be used without its PIN, making it useless to someone else, should it be lost or stolen. With the Aruba Bank Soft Token, the financial information is always protected. With the use of its PIN, or Touch- or Face-ID, the Aruba Bank App® generates a one-time password each time the client logs in.

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About the Aruba Bank App®

The Aruba Bank App® is especially designed for Aruba Bank clients use a variety of means for handling their financial transactions. From the Home Screen clients can:
Check their account balance and transfer history for each account
Transfer between the client’s own accounts
Transfer to other local accounts and make international transfers (new)

Using the Aruba Bank App®, Business customers can now also:
Login with Face ID or Finger print (Biometrics)
Approve transfers that were created on Aruba Bank Online®
Approve Bulk Transfers on mobile (businesses)
Improved Search Transactions with sharing options for Proof of Payment
Find up-to-date exchange rates
Submit a Travel Notice to ensure clients’ cards can be used overseas during their travels
Generate secure codes to login to Aruba Bank Online® or approve a transfer request in Aruba Bank Online®
Upload documents through Aruba Bank App®

For more information please visit to view the new array of financial solutions or to view the tutorial videos of the Aruba Bank App® features for personal and business customers.


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