24/7 Banking

Technological advances have reshaped the size and nature of the banking industry, allowing it to extend beyond the traditional, office hours, branch concept.  This is why Aruba Bank offers a variety of flexible 24/7 Banking services to facilitate your banking needs.

Aruba Bank Online

  • Aruba Bank Online is Aruba’s most user-friendly, most secure and most advanced Internet banking system with Aruba Bank Online Pass device for your security
  • Aruba Bank Online is now also available on mobile devices! Manage all your finances 24/7
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Aruba Bank App

  • Manage your Aruba Bank accounts while on the go— anytime, anywhere, simply by using your mobile device
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Text Banking

  • Text Banking “Touch & Go” is fast, easy and convenient. Stay up-to-date on your finances, on the go!
  • With Text Banking you can inquire on the status of your different accounts 24/7 from anywhere, all you need is your mobile phone
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ATM Locations

  • Need cash? We're always nearby!
  • Our ATM’s accepts any card using the MasterCard/Cirrus network, Visa/Plus network, or Discover/Diners/Pulse network.
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Smart Deposit Machine

  • Deposit cash and checks at your convenience
  • No need to fill in a deposit slip and stand in line at the teller 
  • Deposit your cash and your account will be instantly credited.
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  • We know your time is valuable. Avoid waiting in line by scheduling an appointment online using our new e-Appointment service. Schedule an appointment at a time that suits you. Our representatives are ready to help. 
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Do you have questions?

Contact our Call Center during office hours at (297)527 7700.

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