Green Car Loan

Get the eco-friendly car that you want!

Aruba Bank wants to help you save fuel, money and the environment by offering a Green Car Loan for the purchase of an Electric Car or a Hybrid Car.  
With our Green Car Loan you make extra savings with a discounted interest rate.

Apply online for a Green Car Loan or visit one of our branches.


  • Buy the eco-friendly car that you want 
  • 100% Financing 
  • Attractive interest rate
Help save the environment

Why get an Electric Car

      • 6% interest rate
      • Save money on fuel costs
      • Better for the environment
      • Spend less time and money on servicing the car
Apply now
  • 100% financing
  • Repayment term up to 5 years for  Hybrid vehicles and up to 6 years for Electric vehicles
  • Interest rate of 6%
  • Buy Now and Start Paying in 6 months


We offer insurance brokerage services and assist our clients in choosing the best car insurance with the best coverage to fit their unique car insurance needs.

Online Access

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  • Must be above the official legal age of 21
  • Must have a stable income
  • Must be an Aruban citizen

 Bring the following to your appointment:

  • A copy of a valid ID
  • Two salary slip copies if paid monthly or four if paid bi-weekly 
  • A reference letter from your employer
  • Your work permit (Non-Dutch Citizens)
  • Proof of residency (Censo letter or the latest WEB, Elmar or Setar bill in your name)
  • A new car order

* Please note that specific documents and conditions are applicable to open a non-resident account. Call our Contact Center at 527 7777 for more information.

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