Product Interest rate Interest Paid Open with Min monthly deposit Access Benefits
Platinum Resident Savings Account 1.10% Quarterly on a minimum balance AWG 500,- AWG 500,- No restrictions No restrictions
Platinum Plus Resident Savings Account 2.10% Quarterly on a minimum balance AWG 1000,- AWG 1000,- Withdrawal options Free of charge
Cuenta Sabi Savings 1.00% - 2.00% Quarterly on a minimum balance AWG 100,- AWG 100,- Up to AWG 25.000,- quarterly without penalty Retain the freedom to make withdrawals, and enjoy a decent interest rate
Student Savings 1.15% At year-end Not required Not required No restrictions No monthly administration fee
Statement Savings 1.00% At year-end AWG 100,- AWG 25,- No restrictions Flexible account with an attractive interest rate
Save The Change 0.90% At year-end Not required Not applicable One year after opening date Each time you effect a Maestro transaction, we will round up the amount to the next guilder and automatically deposit the difference on your Save the Change Account
Internet Savings 1.50% At year-end Not required AWG 25,- Available online anytime Linked to your current account. Managing this account is completely in your hands
Cuenta ABC 2.50% At year-end AWG 100,- AWG 25,- When your children reach 18 Saving for your children’s future
Time Deposit Contact Aruba bank for rates At maturity, on a yearly, quarterly, or monthly basis AWG 10.000,- Not available At the end of fixed period. Early withdrawal is not permitted Use a Time Deposit to reserve a fixed amount, for a fixed period and receive high interest

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