Corporate Maestro Chip Card

Safer transactions!

The Aruba Bank Corporate Maestro Chip Card contains an integrated circuit chip with a microprocessor which not only makes your card safer when you perform a transaction, but will also allow worldwide access to ATM and POS devices that may only accept Chip Cards.


  • Can be used worldwide
  • Safer when you perform a transaction
  • Easy to use
Your Aruba Bank Maestro Chip Card has both the gold colored chip on front of the card and a magnetic stripe on the back of the card.  With this combination, your Maestro Chip card can be used at any merchant worldwide that accepts Maestro cards. 

 Note: Some countries have not yet converted their equipment to process Chip Cards, such as in the USA. In such instances, please swipe your Maestro Chip Card and enter your PIN number.
Q: What is the difference between my “old” ATM card and the new Maestro Chip Card?

A: Your Aruba Bank Maestro Chip Card provides interoperability within the global payments infrastructure–consumers with chip payment cards can use their card on any Chip-compatible payment terminal. Chip technology supports enhanced cardholder verification methods compared to magnetic stripe only cards. The chip on your card provides a much higher level of security to combat counterfeit and stolen cards. Your card also a magnetic stripe on the back of the card enabling it to be used in countries that have not yet implemented Chip technology such as the USA.

Q: How do I use the Maestro Chip Card?
A: The terminal or ATM must communicate with the chip that is why it must be inserted into the device as opposed to being swiped. Any transaction you perform with your Aruba Bank Maestro Chip Card will require you to use your personal and confidential PIN code.  Please remove you Chip Card from the device once the transaction is approved.

Q: Where can I use my Maestro Chip Card?
A: Your Aruba Bank Maestro Chip Card can be used worldwide at any card terminal that is connected with the MasterCard network called Maestro.  You can also withdraw cash from any ATM worldwide that is connected with the MasterCard ATM network called Cirrus.   On the back of your Maestro Chip Card is a magnetic stripe whereby you can swipe your card in terminals or ATM's that have not been upgraded yet to accept Chip Cards.  Your personal PIN code will always be required to complete your Maestro or Cirrus transaction.

Q: When I receive my new Maestro Chip card how do I activate it?
A: Your new Maestro Chip Card is a re-issued card, meaning that your card account number and your personal PIN code have not been changed. To activate your Maestro Chip Card please insert or swipe your card in either an ATM or POS terminal.  Enter your personal PIN code and perform a transaction.  With a successful completion of your transaction, your Maestro Chip Card is activated and your previous magnetic stripe only ATM card is deactivated.

Q: What do I do with my old ATM card?
A: Once you have used your new Maestro Chip Card at any ATM or POS terminal, you have activated your new card and our system will have automatically cancelled your non-Chip ATM card.   Please cut your old ATM card in half.

Q: Can I change the PIN code of my new Maestro Chip Card?
A: There is a relatively short transition period of a few months whereby Aruba Bank is upgrading its ATMs to accept Maestro Chip Cards. During this period, a customer cannot change his/her personal PIN code.  Further announcements will be made when you can change your personal PIN code again at any Aruba Bank ATM.

Q: What do I have to do in case I have forgotten my personal PIN code?
A: Please call our Call Center at 527-7700 and they will request that your existing PIN code is reprinted for you.

Q: Does my Maestro Chip Card have an expiration date?
A: Yes, your Maestro Chip Card has an expiration date.  Aruba Bank will re-issue you a new Maestro Chip Card 1-2 months in advance of your card's expiration date.  Your new re-issued Maestro Chip Card will be mailed to the address you have noted for your Aruba Bank current account for which you receive statements or other letters from the bank.  It is important to notify the bank of any change in your mailing address.

Q: If my Maestro Chip card is lost, stolen or damaged, what do I do?
A: In the event of a lost or stolen ATM card, please contact us immediately to block your account.
During working hours: (+297) 527-7700 / 527-7788

24/7 Service: If you have subscribed to the Text Banking services you can immediately block access to your subscribed bank accounts in the event of theft or loss. Read more about Text Banking.

Visit your nearest Aruba Bank branch to request a new ATM card and PIN code. Your account will be charged AWG 25 replacement fee for a new card. This fee is waived in case of a stolen card; if a police report is submitted to our office.

Q: Are there any additional charges for using the chip on my Maestro Chip Card?
A: No, Aruba Bank does not charge you any fees for using the chip on your card. The gold colored chip on your card is provided to you for increased security and improved access to countries that have fully adopted chip technology.

Q: Will I also receive my new Aruba Bank Maestro Chip Card if I live abroad?
A: Yes, if your ATM card has been used in the last 6 months, Aruba Bank will send you your Maestro Chip Card to the address listed with your current account.

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