As a proud sponsor of the 65th Edition of Aruba's Carnival, we are sharing fragments of this big celebration! 

Aruba Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts are centered around its extensive community involvement, particularly in the areas of sports, culture, health and wellbeing, and education.  In 2019, once more, Aruba Bank signed an exclusive sponsorship agreement with the organizing body of Aruba’s largest communal, cultural celebration, Carnival, to support and help promote the months’ long activities.


We shared lots of Carnival joy with the entire Aruban community.

  • As a proud Carnival sponsor, we were once more active during the past weekend.
  • We handed out LED bracelets for people passing by our location in Oranjestad.
  • In San Nicolas, our promo girls were active handing out promotional items to the community.


Children’s Parade Oranjestad 2019

  • We were active at our own “Kavel” in Vondellaan right across of Colegio Arubano.
  • Our promo girls were handing out sunblock, cowboy hats and lip balm for protection against the sun.
  • Different colleagues were present with their family to enjoy Aruba’s Carnival 2019.


Carnival Workshop 3

  • We hosted our third and last Carnival Workshop, “How-to-play-drums” together with our own colleague Ritchell Giel.
  • Participants were able to learn different tips on how to play a Carnival Song and some of them even got the opportunity to show their skills.
  • Everyone who participated received a set of drum sticks, courtesy of Aruba Bank.


Noord Children’s Parade

  • We were present at the Children’s Parade in Noord.
  • Promo girls handing out sunblock and cowboy hats for protection against the sun.
  • We want to wish everyone a safe and happy Carnival 65.


Carnival Workshop 2

  • We hosted our second Carnival Workshop, “Cut-That-Shirt” with Luella Malmberg-Miguez.
  • A group of participants received lots of tips on how to cut the perfect shirt for Carnival Parades.
  • Participants received a goody bag with materials for the cutting and decorating of their shirts.
  • Once again, we invite the entire community to follow our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Arubabank/ for more information.


King/Queen of Calypso and Roadmarch.

Children & Youth Calypso & Roadmarch 2019

  • Kids from 8 - 15 years of age show their artistic skills.
  • The winning song will be featured in the jump-ups and kids parades.
  • Overall winners of the night: EZ Flow – Perfect: Enzo Thiago Croes,        Miss Hype - Wine, jump and wave: Keyshanti Tiara Buddy, Queen Ivy - 
    A prayer for carnaval: Ivy-anne Bryson, Queen Reanne - Mi Cabayito: Reanne Marie Ras, King Nutz - Lets bring the cambio: Justin Valdez and Wuk Up Star - Wakanda Dance: G’ Zandra de Weever Rogers


Tumba King 2019: Rodrick Franken

A night of awesome performances of local singers

  • Participants have prepared months for an awesome night of “Tumba”.
  • A total of 22 participants, male and female.
  • At the end of the night, Rodrick Franken from Buleria was crowned King of Tumba 2019.


Carnival Workshop 1

Together with FMA, we hosted our first workshop to promote creativity and artistic expressions at Carnival Euphoria

  • 1st Carnival Workshop together with Make-Up artist: Angelo Trimon.
  • 25 participant who received different tips on how to do your carnival make-up.
  • They received a goody bag courtesy of Aruba Bank.
  • We invite the entire community to follow our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Arubabank/ for more information.


Colegio Conrado Coronel active during balloon parade

  • We supported a local school with their participation in Carnival 65.
  • 6 groups were active during the balloon parade.
  • We invite the entire community to keep helping our youngster in promoting our Carnival.


Winner of Tumberito 2019

We believe in the future of tomorrow

  • Tumberito Festival: an awesome show with tremendous participants.
  • 22 participants in different categories.
  • Overall winners of the night were: Jordan Koolman, Asia Libiee and Xennon Daal.


Aruba elected its two most important Carnival representatives

Aruba’s 65th Carnival Queen and Mrs. Carnival of 2019

  • Jeanissa Maduro representing Empire Carnival Group was crowned Aruba’s 65th Carnival Queen.
  • Clarissa Arrindell also representing Empire Carnival Group was crowned Mrs. Carnival 2019.
  • We want to congratulate both winners with their performances of the entire night.


Children & Youth Carnival Queen 2019

  • On January 19th, 2019, Aruba elected its first queens of the season.
  • Aliyah Harms representing Champagne Carnival Group: Children’s Carnival Queen of 2019.
  • Ilajah Croes representing Dushi Carnival Group: Youth Carnival Queen of 2019.
  • We want to congratulate both winners with their performances of the entire night.


“Prins y Pancho” Election

  • We had the honor to hand out a gift to the overall winners of this night.
  • The winners received a “party chair” courtesy of Aruba Bank.
  • We believe in supporting all ages and categories in these elections.
  • We want to congratulate the overall winners once more and we wish the entire community of Aruba a happy and safe season of Carnival 65.


Start of Carnival 2019

Aruba Bank launches its motto during the famous Torch Parade

  • Proud Partner of SMAC during the 65th edition of Aruba’s Carnival.
  • Promoting of our culture through more participation, more creativity and more luxury.
  • Motto: “We are Carnival”.


Aruba Bank signs agreement with SMAC

  • November 2018, we signed an agreement with SMAC in order to support Carnival 65 that is part of the Aruban Culture. 
  • According to our Managing Director, Sharon Frankel-De Cuba, we are very part to be able to contribute to our culture in a way that the entire community and tourists who visit the island can really enjoy of this season.

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