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Aruba Bank Walk & Run 2019 

  1. The Aruba Bank 4 Day Walk & Run will be held on dates May 21, 22, 23 and 24, 2019. The Walk & Run starts at exactly 6:30pm on all 4 days
  2. Start and finish locations are as follows: Day 1 - Joe Laveist - San Nicolas, Day 2 - Colegio Laura Wernet Paskel - Santa Cruz, Day 3 - Paradera Drive Thru Center - Paradera, Day 4 - Aruba Bank  Hato Branch, Hato. 
  3. Participation is completely at own risk. 
  4. All results will be made public on the Walk & Run 2019 website and Walk & Run App.
  5. It is mandatory for all participants to wear the BIB number on all 4 days. 
  6. It is mandatory for participants to wear the BIB number respectively in front in such a way that the number is visible at all times, especially at checkpoints. 
  7. The BIB consists of a BIB-chip card. Only participants wearing their BIB will be able to retrieve their results on the website or App. 
  8. Handle the BIB with care and do not wash, fold or bend, as this may damage the chip. 
  9. Edits to personal information and BIB exchange is possible until 4pm on May 17, 2019 by mailing us at  After said date Aruba Bank cannot guarantee timely processing of the change and shall not be held liable for any confusion resulting from an exchange after this date. 
  10. At start, finish and checkpoints, participants are required to pass under the arch and over the timing mats, to assure that their net-times are properly registered. 
  11. Each participant’s start time will start when they cross the start-line mats. This is possible ONLY until 10 minutes after start of race. Any participant who crosses the finish line with no registered start time, an additional 10 minutes (after start time) will be added to their results.
  12. Make sure to pass the start line within 10 minutes of the race start to be in the race.
  13. For safety reasons kids under 12 years are not allowed in the first block. Parents are responsible at all times.
  14. At the start and finish line, do not start or stop your running watch in the space between your BIB number and the detection mats. 
  15. To be able to qualify for a cash prize, participant must be a resident of Aruba during the entire Walk & Run event 
  16. All participants MUST cross finish line with their BIB visible at the front before 7:30pm.
  17. All participants are NOT allowed to receive any help during the race except from our volunteers or Red Cross. 
  18. Participants cannot be accompanied by any motor vehicle or bicycle and are not allowed to receive any refreshments other than those refreshments provided by Aruba Bank at the water stations. 
  19. Failure to comply with rules 1 through 18 will be sanctioned with disqualification. 
  20. The distances that are being promoted have been measured by IBISA. However these may vary by a few meters. 
  21. Aruba Bank N.V. reserves the right to make any changes to the routes, checkpoints and water stations. 
  22. Questions, feedback and/or complaints may be e-mailed to Online or social media protests will not be entertained. 
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Plastic free event! We will be offering reusable bottle bands and bio-degradable cups during the Aruba Bank Walk & Run 2019.

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