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A team must consists of 5 participants with a minimum of 2 female participants. the best Net time of 4 participants will be accumulated amongst all 4 days of race. The 3 fastest teams will receive a medal and the following prizes:

Main prize AWG 850,-
2nd prize AWG 500,-
3rd Prize AWG 250,-

How to register a team:

  • Gather your team, which has to consist of 5 people with a minimum of 2 female participants
  • Together with your team, decide a name for your team
  • On the 6th of May at 9:00 AM, each team member has to register as an individual via our registration form on the Aruba Bank Walk & Run registration page (accessible via our Walk & Run App &
  • When registering as a participant, fill in the name of your team when asked to do so.
  • Complete your registration form & Make payment before May 16th 4:30 PM
 IMPORTANT:  The Walk & Run sells out very fast, so make sure that you and your team members register immediately at 9 AM on the 6th of May.  Furthermore, payment of your registration has to be executed immediately or before the payment deadline at 4:30 PM on the 16th of May 2019.
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Plastic free event! We will be offering reusable bottle bands and bio-degradable cups during the Aruba Bank Walk & Run 2019.

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