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Frequently Asked Questions

This page is dedicated to answer a variety of frequently asked questions about our Walk & Run event.

The Walk & Run App

  1. Move for You Playlist
  2. Selfies
  3. Results
  4. Social Media Updates on Facebook, Twitter, E-mail etc.

Live Tracking of participants during the event.

Q1: What is the Move for You Playlist?
A1: During the preparation for the event and during the Aruba Bank Walk & Run itself, every participant can choose which music they would like to listen to through the Aruba Bank Walk & Run App. This includes music with varying genres to fit your running style.

Q2: What does the Selfie feature entail?
A2: With the Selfie feature you can use the app to post pictures to Social Media of your training preparation as well as during the Aruba Bank Walk & Run on all 4 days.

Q3: Where can I see the results of the race?
A3: The results will be posted after each day's race on the Aruba Bank Walk & Run App and Website.

Q4: What does Social Media Shares entail?
A4: The Social Media Shares feature will allow participants (and their fans) to share the participants' real-time progress on their social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Email and text messages.

Q5: What does the Live Tracking Feature in the Aruba Bank Walk & Run App do?
A5: With the Live Tracking feature, the participants' family and friends can follow his or her every move during the race and know exactly where the participant is at any given time of the race. With this tracking information you can estimate the finish-time of the participant, based on his progress at various points across the route. There’s also (at least) one check-point along the route. You can view the exact location of these check-points on the “Maps” in the Aruba Bank Walk & Run App.


Timing System

Our Walk & Run has the following features and regulations related to the timing of the races.
1. Chip Time Results for all participants.
2. Late Arrival at the Start Line.
3. Overall Results based on accumulated time over 4 days.
4. Team Participation

Q1:  What's the difference between "Chip time" and "Gun time" in a race?
A1:  Gun time is the length of time between the official start of the race, when the “gun” goes off, and the moment you cross the finish line.
Chip time is the length between the moment when you cross the starting line mats and when you cross the finish line mats.
The benefit of chip time is that you will not lose any time awaiting the moment you reach the start line to start your personal race. The prizes will also be awarded based on Chip Time.

Q2: In case you arrive late, what will the Timing system register?
A2: Each participants' start time will start when they cross the start-line mats. This is possible ONLY until 10 minutes after the start of the race. Any participants who crossed the finish line with no registered start time, an additional 10 minutes (after start time) will be added to the results.

Q3: How will the overall results be calculated?
A3: The overall results will be calculated based on the 4 chip times achieved by the participant during the event. The participant with the least accumulated time during the 4 days will become the winner. This means you need to create as much of a time gap as possible from the other participants during all 4 days.

Q4: Is it possible to participate with a team?
A4: Yes, it’s possible to register and qualify as a team. This team must consist of 5 participants with a minimum of 2 female participants. The best Net time of 4 participants each day will be accumulated over all 4 days of race. The best 3 Teams will receive a medal. The winning teams will receive cash prizes as well (1st AWG 850.- ; 2nd AWG 500.- ; 3rd AWG 250.-). A certificate will be written in the name of the Team captain as indicated when enrolling the Team. 
Please note: Participants who join a team will no longer be eligible for individual prizes, only the team prize.

Green Wave Initiative

Q1: This year our Walk & Run will feature a Plastic free event. Why did we do this and what does it mean?
A1: Keeping in line with our company efforts to reduce waste, this year once again we've replaced the previously used plastic drinking containers (cups and "boli") with reusable accessories and bio-degradable cups during our Walk & Run event! We will have water jugs available to refill your bottles at the start, at the water station (approximately 1/2 way the race) and also at the finish. 

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Plastic free event! We will be offering reusable bottle bands and bio-degradable cups during the Aruba Bank Walk & Run 2019.

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