Final Event Good4theNeighborhood 2019 – Building Entrepreneurs 3

The final event of the 10th edition of the Good4theneigborhood Project 2019 #G4N2019 #DoCoolThingsThatMatter took place on Saturday, July 27th, 2019 at the Plaza Daniel Leo in downtown Oranjestad. 

This project is an educational initiative that introduces teens of all socio-economic backgrounds & neighborhoods to Entrepreneurship and teaches them how to start, own, and operate their own business. Students ages 13-17 followed a three (3) Week Program of, Theoretical & Practical Based Learning and Involvement: through Facilitators, Mentors, Advisory Board. On the day of the final event, close to fifty (50) participants were able to put what they learned into practice at their own branded Pop-up Stand.


A team of judges selected the Safe Re-usable bag team as the absolute winner of G4N 2019. Safe’s product consisted of re-usable sandwich bags. These bags are multifunctional in every way. Each team member of Safe won AWG. 1000, - on their student account. The Sweet Colors team came in 2nd place with their homemade sweets in different shapes and colors and each team member won AWG. 500, - on their student account. Aruba Bank also recognized the Sweet Colors team as the one that stood out the most on Social Media.


Entrepreneurs are key drivers of economic and social progress. Rapidly growing entrepreneurial enterprises are important sources of innovation, productivity growth and employment. As such Aruba Bank thanks all of those who supported the program, volunteers, family members, and the following judges:  Randolph Croes, Jorge Zarraga, Naline Heilbron, Lorena Alvarez y Iluniza Croes,
Aruba Bank wishes to thank the facilitators and their representatives, namely Exotic Events Rental, Bushi Beard, EE Venture, Parke Arikok, Carlos Roos, Kendrick Frans, Garage Centraal, Arc Digital and Aruba Chamber of Commerce for their presentations. 



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